Kambiz Naficy

Kambiz Naficy is a meditation master and the founder of the international organization, Joy of Life. The mission of Joy of Life is to create joyful and stress-free living worldwide, by raising human consciousness. Kambiz integrates the wisdom of ancient Kriya Yoga teachings with modern holistic sciences such as quantum physics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Through Kriya yoga practices, including energetic breathing and meditation, Kambiz promotes Self-exploration and empowerment while helping people reach their full potential.

Kriya Yoga for Trance and Transformation

Hypnosis is a mental state defined by slowed brain waves and focused attention with diminished peripheral awareness. The intense and yet relaxed focus brought...

Are you Tuned in to the Right Frequency?

In my mid-thirties, having spent hundreds of hours with quantum physics and in deep meditative silence, I had the direct experience that there really...