Kath Cotter Lloyd

Kath Cotter Lloyd is an artist and medium. She has written articles for The Edge and is now working on a short book about fairies and has a metaphysical invention soon be released. She worked with her grandmother, Rev. Lourenda Kincade Cotter, in the spiritualist church and help to create the Minneapolis Ghost Tours. She worked at Mikal and Associates for 25 years, and grew up in a loving spiritual family who assisted her in her spiritual evolution. You may contact her at jenni625@windstream.net.

The Spoon

In 2016, in Big Lake, Minn., I was looking through a box of swimming pool chemicals in my brother's home. I moved things around...

Magical Medicine Bag: Following a Dream to its End

Years ago I volunteered to drive a friend to Bozeman, Montana, for a short visit. Two nights before I was to pick up my...

Two Feathers

Recently a young woman named Karyn came to visit Minnesota. Her career brought her back here. She had been my daughter Jenni's nanny. They...