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Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying

Kathryn Berg

Kathryn Z. Berg has been practicing classical homeopathy for 4 years, and has been passionate about it for over a decade. She has her own private practice, Lotus Homeopathy, which is located at the Vibrant Life Center in Oakdale, Minn. She can be reached at or (651) 748-1556.

Have No Fear Of Avian Flu

As Influenza season draws closer, you can expect the Avian Flu scare machine to be working overtime soon. The local and national media, in...

Health or husband? Why must some women make a choice?

One of the most distressing phenomena I have encountered in my years as a classical homeopath is one that I call "Health or Husband."You...

Complementary and Alternative Health Care Saves Money!

On January 31, 2006, the Minnesota Health Care Solutions Series joint committee meetings met at the state capitol to discuss cost containment for health...

Classical Homeopathy: Your own personal vibrational medicine

Everyone has a personal vibration. In Eastern medicine it is called qi ("chee"). In Nichiren Buddhism, it is called your Life Condition. In Classical...