Keidi Keating

Keidi Keating, author of The Light: A Book of Wisdom (New Page Books), experienced a sudden spiritual awakening at the age of 30, after a series of transformational healing sessions. One night, an orb of glowing white light appeared in her bedroom and instructed her to put together a book of Light to assist and support others on their journeys to enlightenment. So following Divine guidance, which showed up as white butterflies, auspicious number combinations, and intense dreams, she gathered some of the planet's greatest spiritual teachers and authors to contribute chapters. Keidi now speaks at spiritual related events, and she continues to write books that empower people to awaken their Divine inner Light. Originally British, after living in Spain for 20 years, she now lives in Ketchum, Idaho.

Awakening Our Inner Light

All of the most reputable and respected saints, sages and mystics of both now and years gone by have frequently discussed the importance of...