Kelly Thebo

Kelly Thebo
Kelly Thebo is a leading channel and spiritual teacher. After an unexpected encounter with a UFO, she underwent a profound spiritual awakening with the help and guidance of a group of energies now referred to as The Collective. Hailing from various star systems and bringing a message of empowerment and love, Kelly now serves as their channel. Having stepped out in faith, and leaving behind 30-years of experience in the accounting and technology industries, she is now living a life of purpose and service to those who would follow their teaching. Kelly and The Collective offer powerful workshops, courses, and live events throughout the U.S. Listen to complimentary channels at and find out more.

What is the Present Moment, with The Collective

Channeled by Kelly Thebo, inquiry by Rick Thebo Collective: Yes Kelly, we are here. We are appreciative of the opportunity to be with you today....

A Collective View of The New Age

Channeled by Kelly Thebo for The Collective We'd like to talk with you this evening about the New Age. When people have used the term...

Becoming a Channel

Like most people, I've always been more sure of what I don't want than what I do. When I realized I was no longer...