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Keri Mangis

Keri Mangis
Keri Mangis, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, E-RYT200, is a writer, activist and teacher living in Minneapolis. She likes to dig deep and write about how politics, parenting, current events and more are as much "spiritual centers" that can cultivate greater mindfulness and consciousness as anything that goes by this name. In a world divided, she seeks unity, compassion and connection. Contact Keri at To stay in touch, connect with her through social media.

Compassion in Action: The Role of Spiritual Practitioners in Today’s Politics

I recently returned home from a family trip to Amsterdam, where we visited the Anne Frank House. If you ever have the opportunity to...

Why I Trust Animal Communication: A Feline Love Story

We've all seen them. They give presentations at health and conscious living expos. They rent booths at pet events. They advertise in our local...

Climbing the Thought Ladder of our Consciousness

Many people get a permission slip from their doctor to begin a yoga regimen. For me, yoga was the permission slip that brought me...

The Game Changers

"I like the idea of free college tuition," argued my practical-minded, dollars-and-cents husband, "but I don't think it's possible." "Of course you don't. You're only...

Redefining Spirituality

"I'M NOT RELIGIOUS, I'M SPIRITUAL." Over the years I've heard this repeatedly in spiritual circles (and truth be told, I've said it myself). Most people...

Massage: The Ayurvedic Way

A transformational treatment for body, mind and Spirit What is Ayurveda? More and more people today are discovering, or more precisely, re-discovering, the ancient healing...