Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying

Kevin Zepper

Kevin Zepper teaches at Minnesota State University Moorhead. He has published four chapbooks of poetry. Presently, he is one half of a poetry/music performing duo, Lines&Notes. Several of his poems can be heard on the Northern Community Radio website under the program heading “The Beat.”


at a wounded heart tears migrating to eyes, ink for paper, mending fissures... a page at a time.

Infinitely Pi

At first glance it appears to move in one direction: 3.14159265358979... and on and on and on... approximate infinity. Oh! The magic of dancing a round around, measuring out the great...


Walking down the long, lone road in rural Ohio, eyes adjusting to angles of the shade from old oaks and full sun above sunflower fields. In a sunny spot ahead at the edge...

Heart land

boom-chakra-laka Midwest, middle midriff absolute middle middle west mid-chakra mid-chest heart, heartland heart chakra rows of rye and dirham lined up, visual rhythm waves of grass and grain motion, pulse pumping blood through heart land porthole to the...

The Shaman Said

First, you must float, and lose the fear of falling to the muddy bottom. Spread yourself on the water, let it carry you with...

Cup of Twilight

She floats through the Universe Coffee Hut and orders a tall, dark cup of twilight. A Mercury Comet carries her to the beach by...