Laurie Ellis-Young

Laurie Ellis-Young
Laurie Ellis-Young, MTC, SYT, is passionate about breath and has shared breathing practices for wellness, educational, medical and business organizations, locally and globally. As a transformational journey guide, founding-director of Breathe The Change LLC and co-founder of nonprofit BreathLogic®, she has relished witnessing diverse populations on five continents enhance their lives with conscious breathing. Her books -- "Breath Is Life" and "Breathe in the Sky, Breathe in the Sun" -- are coming soon. Visit and contact Laurie at

Conscious Breathing in Action

Conscious breathing can be as simple as a mindful practice of knowing when you are inhaling, or exhaling, and as complicated as advanced yogic...

A Belly Breath Away

Consider Scenario I: Jessica was late again. Willing the traffic to speed up had no result except to make her feel more tense and...