Lionel Fuentes

Lionel Fuentes (also goes by Lio) is a full-time student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and he also works part time at UPS Freight as a dock worker. He enjoys writing, and his works mainly consist of poetry. He also is working to combine his love for music with his writing. Contact Lio at or 651.855.8165.

The Living One

As a mirror was crafted in front of me, An overwhelming sensation consumes a now swollen heart. Joy and bitterness reflect each other as yin and...

Mid-Morning Daydreams

The warmth of your energy softens the rough edges of mine, An energy worn out by many of life's struggles. From everyday little events to a...


A demon won a battle within me that I didn't know about. Tell me what it was like to die. After all the complex connections and...