Loba is a purveryor of sacrament and delight, counsel and columnist for SageWoman magazine, encouraging our process of living more intense, purposeful, magical and sense-filled lives. Loba and her partners tend an enchanted wilderness sanctuary and ancient place of power in the Southwest's fabled Gila Mountains, hosting host retreats, quests, sweats, wildfoods weekends, resident internships and the annual Wild Women's Gathering: The Sweet Medicine Women's Center & Earthen Spirituality Project. Write her at Box 820, Reserve, NM 87830. Visit www.earthenspirituality.org

Wild Women: Exploring Self & Sisterhood

As the moon rises over the volcanic cliffs, the canyon fills with the glad howls of twenty re-wilding women. A fervent activist all the...

Sacramental Mornings

Spreading positive energy in the world begins with our own personal vibration, something can each nourish in ourselves in special ways. Nothing has a...