Louise Frechette

Louise Frechette is a certified life coach, spiritual journey mentor, teacher and writer. She specializes in helping her clients and students break free of self-sabotaging patterns, unhealed fear and guilt from the past, and blocked creative self-expression. Through a unique emotional and psychological inquiry process of sharing feelings and perceptions with the expanded perceptions of our divine unified Self, Louise helps her clients discover the core source of their limiting patterns and fears and guides them through a healing transformation. This brings them the self-understanding, self-forgiveness, resolution and renewed self-confidence that allows them to move forward in achieving their personal and spiritual goals. She has taught, written, and lectured on the practical application of A Course in Miracles principles to everyday life, healing relationships, and raising children. She is co-founder of the Shared Choice Center, an online center for the committed spiritual seeker interested in deeper Self-discovery and personal transformation. SCC offers life coaching & mentoring services, classes, workshops, and many inspirational resources. For more information, please contact Louise at 952-513-3370 or visit www.sharedchoicecenter.com

A New Frame of Reference for Shifting From Fear To Love

We've all been there: stuck in fear or anxiety and wishing there was a quicker, easier way of getting free - of experiencing what...