Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying


LynMarie8 connects directly with “The Creator of all that is,” sending that energy directly to you. You will see, feel and receive changes — mentally, physically and spiritually — within your DNA, cellular changes.  Healing your life of and with the Mind, Body and Soul from the past, present and future simultaneously. It resolves and collapses issues permanently.  It will change your life, finances, health, relationship or any other issue.  Come experience this for a life now. Contact LynMarie8 for more information or to schedule an appointment at 651.210.1989 or Visit

Live in a place of Love, Peace, Gratitude and Forgiveness

I am living in such a place of love, peace, gratitude and forgiveness and experiencing all of these things in the 5th dimension and...

Frequencies of your words, thoughts, actions

The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that like energy attracts like energy. You attract to yourself those things and circumstances that...

Illusion vs. Truth

AS A FOUNDATIONAL PERSON who has been a huge part of humanity's awakening and bridging the change for two years now, and still bringing...

Living in Ascension Consciousness: World Peace Cruise

IT IS TIME FOR A CRUISE called "Living in Ascension Consciousness." We are all feeling this "shift" in the consciousness of humanity and our...

ThetaHealing®: An attainable Miracle for your life!

ThetaHealing® is dimensional healing of the mind, body and spirit, from the past, present and future at one time, quickly and permanently. ThetaHealing® is...