Lynn Koll and Louis Bourgeois

Lynn Koll and Louis Bourgeois are co-founders of the OASIS Center for Conscious Living. While initial programs and retreats take place in the eastern suburbs of St. Paul, future programs will be offered throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. Learn more about the programs and join our mailing list at

Awakening through Principles for Conscious Living

As Earth moves through these shifting times and we accelerate towards the year 2012, our lives are changing in many ways - physically, mentally,...

Embracing Stillness as Key to Conscious Living

Embracing stillness, we commune with the divine light of love and peace that is so pure and natural for us. Here is where we...

The OASIS Center for Conscious Living

The date of 09/09/09 marked the opening of a new portal in the evolution of consciousness for our planet. It initiated a "final" phase...