Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying

Melissa Divine

Melissa Divine is a psychic medium, spiritual teacher and speaker. She is an honest and ethical channel for spirit guidance, and her jovial and candid approach to a range of spiritual topics vitalizes and inspires her clients and audiences. She trained at the world’s foremost college for psychic mediums in England. Read more about Melissa, schedule a private reading or find local events and workshops at

Ignite Your Divine Goddess Power

Wake up and smell the estrogen, ladies and gents! The tides are turning from a society predominantly driven by autocracy, authoritarianism and scientific reasoning....

Soul Journeys: Turn any Trip into a Spiritual Retreat

Call it wanderlust. Call it a gypsy soul. Call it travel-obsessed. Whatever the name, it is a longing for adventure with a spiritual bent...

Psychic Overload: Hope for the reluctant and developing psychic

There seems to be three classes of intuitives: those who don't know it, those who make use of their abilities, and those who just...

Angel Speak: When Angels talk, do You Listen?

OH, HOW DELIGHTFUL it would be if our angels and guides would just talk to us. Right? Oral communication, however, is how souls in...

The Guru in You: How to Be Your Own Spiritual Teacher

IT'S A DIRTY LITTLE six-letter word, the desire for which halted my early spiritual development with fixation and compulsivity. It seemed everyone had succumb...