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Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying

Portia Jones

Portia Jones was ordained as a Unity minister in 1991. She furthered her studies of Religious Science and became a Licensed Practitioner and led a Religious Science group in Manhattan. Later, she let go of her spiritual teaching responsibilities and became a full-time school teacher for the next 20 years. She is now retired and resides in Puerto Rico, where she continues to write spiritual articles, give classes and workshops and is a monthly guest speaker at the English-speaking Unity Church in Santurce. Contact Portia at [email protected] or call 787.242.2487.

Positive Thinking: Creating Victors

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Happiness in our Daily Lives

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Expanding Consciousness

As a practitioner of metaphysical philosophy or teaching, I have read, heard and used the words "expanding consciousness" so frequently. My experience is that...