R. Wilma Frederick

R. Wilma Frederick is a psychic medium, writer and educator. She is a co-founder with Ona Sterling of Mental ShieldX™ a psychic skills training program to promote Access-Accelerate-Achieve™ self-empowerment. Wilma has been a professional psychic since 1977. She also is a certified hypnotherapist instructor. She is the author of Inner Resources: The Intuitive You, available as a Kindle digital book with Amazon, and as a book at www.MentalShieldX.com. She also wrote a fiction series, the Third Eye Trilogy. Book 1 is available at Amazon and Book 2 will be released in the fall 2014.

Relax and be Ready to Receive Intuition

The key factor to fully access psychic information is to be relaxed and ready to receive. Simply let go of the outside world and...