Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying

Ralph A. Wolf

Ralph A. Wolf is a retired Health Care Administrator with a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a Master's degree in Health Admininstration. He has been on a spiritual journey for 15+ years with training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Shamanism and Meditation. He has volunteered for many non-profit programs. His monthly meditation group focuses on "We are Energy. We are Love."

Volunteering is a life-changing Experience

A few year ago I received an invitation from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa, to go to Honduras to help a small...

Seeking Truth

On a very cold and clear blue sky winter day, I was sitting by the window and looking out into our backyard reflecting on...

Group Meditation

During the last 200 years on Earth, life has changed drastically from living off the land and being in touch daily with nature and...

The Convoluted Universe

Dolores Cannon presents "The Convoluted Universe" from 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 6, at Edge Life Expo. Advance tickets are $22...