Richard Donnelly

Richard Donnelly lives in Minneapolis, where love means more than money. At least for now. His first book, The Melancholy MBA, was published by Brick Road Press of Columbus, Georgia. He may be reached at 

Golden Dragonflies

once every year they convene on the  hydrangias   golden dragonflies   they are small slight golden delicate    after three days they are gone to where I do not know  it is enough that they were...

Only the Rich are Happy

we'll lose this place I guess and someone I think it should be you must sell their car that leaves us with certain economies like staying in together and passing...

Love is Escape

love is escape love is a flower in a vase dropping petals on a table love  is never going back to work lying in bed waiting for her to wake her face like her body  her face exactly like  her body this is what...

Let’s Walk

let's walk down Franklin Avenue hand in hand and we won't part for anyone not the man who might be drunk not the old lady in a burka...


when we’re old I’ll grow flowers I said   no she said I’ll do it I’m better at it than you