Richard Moss

Richard Moss is the Maestro of "Deep Work." He teaches people how to delve deeply into their inner core so they can achieve a life of "Radical Aliveness," Unconditional Love, and Real Inner Peace. For 37 years, this globally renowned physician-turned-master healer, international bestselling Hay House author, and workshop leader has been guiding people on profound journeys of self-inquiry and self-discovery that have transformed their relationship with themselves, with their loved ones and with the world. Moss' work, outlined in two of his bestselling books, Inside-Out Healing and the Mandala of Being, is centered in helping people achieve present moment awareness -- and to clear away the beliefs, habits and thinking patterns that prevent them from living in a hyper-alive, joyful and loving state of being nearly all of the time.

Embodying Present Moment Awareness

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Five tips to experience presence instead of pressure in chaotic times

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How We Become Who We Are Not

Editor's note: This is an excerpt from the new book The Mandala of Being (New World Library).We are not born, in essence, American, French,...