Roxanne Sadovsky

Roxanne Sadovsky, MA, MFA, is a Twin Cities freelance writer, teacher and healer. She earned her Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Antioch University Seattle (1998) and a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative nonfiction from The University of Minnesota (2004). Roxanne teaches Intuitive Writing and The Healing Memoir at the Loft Literary Center; her private healing practice (Writing with Rox) offers integrative workshops, healing groups, Wild Woman writing retreats/groups, classes in creative expression (memoir/intuitive writing/therapy; drama therapy, adult play therapy), and more in a safe, supportive, and playful community. For current classes, workshops, groups and healing work, visit, or email or call 612.703.4321.

Me the Terrible

"Love everyone," Ram Dass said, guiding us in the final meditation of the 8th annual Open Your Heart in Paradise retreat, where I found...

Write Your Truth

For 15-plus years, I've been teaching personal writing as a form of self-expression, healing, community building, and in recent years, as a meditative practice....

My experience at Bhaktifest Midwest

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