Sally Paulsen

Sally Paulsen is a recovering alcoholic celebrating six year's sobriety. She is a mother of three teenage children, including two with autism, whose spiritual gifts encouraged her to develop her own. Sally works for the Mounds View School District and is currently writing a book on the unique, in-laid connection to God for children with special needs.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Someone should have told me earlier that the journey toward enlightenment was so fascinating and full of love. I wouldn't have waited so long...

Love and the Art of Stress

It's funny to be writing about reducing stress in the throes of the holidays, especially this year. I'm currently unemployed and holiday trees are...

Teaching the New Three Rs: Responsibility, Respect and Reaching Out

I've often wondered how I was blessed enough to have two children with autism. Friends and co-workers think I'm out of my mind to make...