Sanaa Zerrou

Sanaa Zerrou is a Sufi Master Teacher and lecturer on spiritual teaching. Sanaa has been walking in the Sufi path since her early twenties and has been studying with a Master Sufi guide from Jerusalem for more than a decade. Sanaa works as a community and spiritual activist. She is focused on finding solutions to homelessness and fighting hunger and poverty both nationally and globally. Sanaa’s professional career is focused on working with people to improve their work lives and to contribute to local communities for social and humanitarian causes. Currently, Sanaa leads weekly spiritual meetings in San Diego and teaches yoga for the homeless community. She is also the founder of Blessed Action, a community project to offer a well-being center to the homeless people. Sanaa is currently working to publish a book on her journey of spiritual transformation.

The Lover and the Beloved

Everything is in the love and the love is everything, So how can we look right or left? "My heart has become capable of every...