Sheryl Grassie & Julia McLean

Sheryl Grassie is a local ghostwriter, writer and editor. Sheryl has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She currently teaches at the University of St. Thomas's Graduate Writing Center and is the executive director of a local non-profit called The End of the Spectrum, serving severe autism. She maintains a private consulting business and can be reached at or 612.922.2200. Julia McLean is a traditional naturopath, Shamanic practitioner and local expert on Lyme disease. Her work focuses on educating clients about choices that create and restore a balance to health. She offers services including nutritional counseling, Electrodermal Screening, shamanic energy work, and Lymphstar Pro® massage. Visit her website at

Eating Out Organically

Recently I was scheduled to have dinner with my friend Julia. As is our usual routine, we begin by debating whether we should eat...