Suzie Black

Suzie Black of Hawkwind does personal consultations at her office in Uptown. Readings focus on your life purpose and mission, in addition to any of the questions you have on current issues in your life. All appointments include the gift of a bottle you apply to your body to facilitate your Soul growth to a new level. Hawkwind's 24-hour voicemail is (952) 259-1444. This is a message system on current energies, often including information on manifesting. New classes and full moon channelings are announced here, as well. Copyright (c) 2001. All Rights Reserved.

The Light Page

Universe is love. This month I want to share some of the September Full Moon channeling that was done days before the hijacking of...

Accelerating Learning

Often in readings I get people asking about past lives. With this month's focus on learning, I thought I would expand upon this and...