Carole Hyder

The Three Treasures: Expanding Awareness program is led by: Kathryn Harwig, a world renowned psychic/medium, the author of six books, a columnist for The Edge; Carole Hyder, international Feng Shui expert, speaker, teacher, author and media personality; Julie Delene, founder of Move As One, facilitating change within individual, teams and organizations. For specifics, check out For questions or to register for the Three Treasures program, contact Julie at

Healing Your Home: Feng Shui and Harmonics

What does a Feng Shui teacher from Minnesota and a Grammy-winning producer and musician from Los Angeles have in common? Sometimes it's just one...

The Three Treasures: Integrating Balance

The concept of the triad or the trinity has existed over immeasurable time and throughout nearly every belief system. Most religions, as well as...