Tony Gardner

Tony Gardner
Tony Gardner earned an MFA in creative writing from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, where he won the Richard M. Devine Memorial Fellowship in poetry and served as poetry editor of the Mid-American Review. His work has been published in the Cincinnati Poetry Review, the Sonora Review, Willow Springs, The Literary Review, the Kansas City Star, Everyday Poems and other journals. Tony lives in Shawnee, KS. Contact him at

Lost Passport

The lost passport that  took you to Sri Lanka  is in the left breast pocket of the famous blue raincoat that you rarely wore.  The plane ticket that flew...

The Gift (for RNS)

On an April night that seems sacred by way of the sky's spectacular design, you take me to see your father's grave. Nothing about this is sad.  It...

Look, Listen

Look, though you know by now that I have, body and soul, been broken again and again and again, I am all right. It says so. Right here. It's a surprise, having seen what I have seen, that...