Vincent Genna

Vincent Genna, MSW, is a world-renowned psychic medium healer, respected spiritual teacher and dynamic speaker who provides clarity and empowerment to help you stop stopping yourself! By invitation, he is presenting his critically acclaimed keynote lectures of self-love and self-mastery at major venues around the country. Vincent was a professional actor for over 35 years and has performed in major productions, such as the original movie, “Grease” with John Travolta. His more than 38 years of experiences as a performer, metaphysician and psychotherapist, along with his all-loving, genuine approach, makes Vincent a highly effective enlightened messenger, inspirational speaker and internationally beloved spiritual teacher and healer. Vincent transcended a tormented youth of emotional, physical and sexual abuse; he dedicates all his talents to transform lives by empowering people to believe in themselves and use their Divine gifts to create the lives they desire and deserve.

Empowering Tools to Live the Life of your Dreams

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