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The Edge accepts submissions on any aspect of holistic living, metaphysics, spirituality and healing. We also accept articles related to our upcoming featured topics:

  • JUNE 2017 – Abundance – What it is & how to Perceive & Receive it in Your Life. (Deadline 5/9/17)
  • JULY 2017 – Creating Community – A how-to Guide for the Shy, Sensitive & Introverted Among Us. (Deadline 6/9/17)
  • AUGUST 2017 – Entheogens & the Spiritual Journey – How Ayahuasca, DMT, Cannabis, & Psychedelics assist in Awakening. (Deadline 7/10/17)
  • SEPTEMBER 2017 – Happiness – How to Realize It in Our Daily Lives. (Deadline 8/10/17)
  • OCTOBER 2017 – Why I am Vegan – Share your Personal Experience on making this life choice work. (Deadline 9/10/17)
  • NOVEMBER 2017 – Returning to Our Center – Tips and Experiences on Finding Balance when everything is Upside Down. (Deadline 10/10/17)
  • DECEMBER 2017 – Positive Thinking – Does it really work or can it interfere with “real” healing? (Deadline 11/10/17)
    Download: 2017 Writer’s Guidelines (PDF)

Edge Submission Guidelines

Where to submit articles
Use our online form on this page (see below) or e-mail submissions (Word or text documents (.doc, .docx, .txt files, attached to your e-mail message) to

Word count and specifics
Submit 700 words or less, unless other arrangements are made with the editor. Include a brief bio at the end of every submission, describing who you are and how you can be contacted. Include your name, mailing address and phone with all submissions. Include a photo of yourself for use online with your bio.

Submissions are due on the 9th day of the month prior to the month of publication (December 9 for the January edition, for example).

Poetry Guidelines — We are seeking poems of any form and convention, up to 40 lines in length. Send 2 to 3 unpublished poems and a short bio. Topic examples: nature, connections, community, awareness, the universe, previous lives, the journey, guides, the daily journey of life.

Letters To The Editor — We welcome feedback from our readers via e-mail or in written correspondence. Include your name, address and phone number. Letters may be edited for clarity or length. We do not guarantee their publication.

The Fine Print — By submitting your article, you certify that you wrote the article and that it does not contain content shared without the permission of the author. Submitting an article does not guarantee publication. The Edge reserves the right to edit submissions. All copyrights remain with the author. The publisher assumes no liability for unsolicited art, photos, manuscripts or other material.

Articles vs. Advertising — Many of our articles are written by professional practitioners about their own field of practice. We hope that an engaging, well-written piece will encourage readers to naturally want to find out more, and the way to do this may be through visiting your site, attending a workshop etc. We discourage you from using an article to heavily promote your own work or events. While done with the best intentions, it often achieves an opposite result, and can be off-putting for the reader.

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, bmp.
    Do not attach images you do have rights to display or distribute.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, bmp.
    Do not attach images you do have rights to display or distribute.
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