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DECEMBER 2019: How to Live without Fear with complete Trust in the Divine. (Deadline Nov. 10)

2020 – Diving Deep into Your Life Journey. We accept articles related to our 2020 featured topics, as well as submissions on any aspect of holistic living, metaphysics, spirituality and healing:

  • JANUARY: The Energies of 2020: Our Predictions Issue — Share psychic, intuitive or numerological insight on the energies of the coming year, what we can expect to occur and where to place our focus in 2020. (Deadline Dec. 10)
  • FEBRUARY: Your Self — Share how to navigate life not from the ego or mind but from your authentic Self. Share your personal relationship with your Self and how that connection informs how you are being in the daily world. (Deadline Jan. 10)
  • MARCH: Healing: Out of the Box — Share practices, techniques and methods of healing that are not being used by Western medicine but are assisting people in finding renewed balance in their lives. (Deadline Feb. 10)
  • APRIL: You, Unplugged — Share reasons to disconnect from technology and ways to return to our natural state without relying on apps or games or news feeds to get us through the day. (Deadline March 10)
  • MAY: Our Relationship with Food — Share what you have learned to help support all of us in creating a meaningful and practical way to nourish ourselves, beyond the fad diets. (Deadline April 10)
  • JUNE: We Are Not Our Thoughts — Share the truth about the thoughts in your mind and what you have learned about how to not get caught up in those that stifle your soul. (Deadline May 10)
  • JULY: Good Vibrations — Share ways in which you choose the frequency of things — food, thoughts, sound, feng shui, for example — in your life and how those decisions inform and transform You. (Deadline June 10)
  • AUGUST: Your Companion Pet — Share how your companion animal has touched your soul. (Deadline July 10)
  • SEPTEMBER: Divination Tools — Share how regular use of divination tools have assisted you on your life journey and offer insights on how to make the best use of them. (Deadline Aug. 10)
  • OCTOBER: Celebrating Indigenous Wisdom — Share how indigenous teachings and ways of being have altered your life, and why we should pay attention to those who remain in the shadows of our modern culture. (Deadline Sept. 10)
  • NOVEMBER: True Gratitude — Share your experience in nurturing a deep sense of gratitude in your daily life and reveal how this experience has made a difference to you. (Deadline Oct. 10)
  • DECEMBER: Personal Magic — Share your experience in creating personal rituals that offer us a brief respite from our daily lives and inspire our soul. (Deadline Nov. 10)

Download the 2020 Edge Writer’s Guidelines

Edge Submission Guidelines

How to submit articles – Use our online form on this page (see below) or e-mail submissions as Word or text documents (.doc, .docx, .txt files, attached to your e-mail message) to

Word count and specifics – Submit 700 words or less, unless other arrangements are made with the editor. Include a brief bio at the end of every submission, describing who you are and how you can be contacted. Include your name, email, mailing address and phone with all submissions. Include a photo of yourself for use online with your bio.

Deadlines – Submissions are due on the 10th day of the month prior to the month of publication (December 10 for the January edition, for example).

Poetry Guidelines — We are seeking poems of any form and convention, up to 40 lines in length. Send 2 to 3 unpublished poems and a short bio. Topic examples: nature, connections, community, awareness, the universe, previous lives, the journey, guides, the daily journey of life.

Letters To The Editor — We welcome feedback from our readers via e-mail or in written correspondence. Include your name, address and phone number. Letters may be edited for clarity or length. We do not guarantee their publication.

The Fine Print — By submitting your article, you certify that you wrote the article and that it does not contain content shared without the permission of the author. Submitting an article does not guarantee publication. The Edge reserves the right to edit submissions. All copyrights remain with the author. The publisher assumes no liability for unsolicited art, photos, manuscripts or other material.

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