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For Children: Quotations from the Dalai Lama

Excerpt from The Dalai Lama's Advice for Children of All Ages The Dalai Lama's messages of love and compassion are a great way to educate...

Change Your Mind, Change The World 2013

CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE THE WORLD 2013, which took place May 15 in Overture Hall in Madison, WI, was comprised of discussions surrounding well-being...

Driving into town during mud season

Driving into town, slung from one muddied rut to another, the steering wheel, like a wild horse, barely led by hands and mind, a...

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama returning to Minnesota

"One Heart, One Mind, One Universe" will feature four events at  the University of Minnesota on May 6-9 The Center for Spirituality & Healing (CSH)...