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Empaths: What I’ve Found to Protect Myself

Yeah, we can be loud. Yes, we can be somewhat intense. We can have anxiety disorders and ADHD, among others. We're doctors, lawyers, nurses,...

The Empath’s Survival Guide: An Interview with Judith Orloff

No one knows the joys and challenges of being an empath better than Judith Orloff, M.D. She was born with second sight, into a...

Spirit Leaves: Life at an Empath’s Pace

A flamingo pink sun gently slides beneath the horizon; a hemline of seafoam lazily laps at a beige shoreline; a gentle, crystalline curtain of...

Spirit Leaves: Resolutions for an Empath’s New Year

My way is Ghost. It's a spiritual way of life I learned with guidance from the Mandan Turtle Priest, Cedric Red Feather, and the...