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Consciousness Techology Seminar returning to Bloomington in July

The Minneapolis Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems (Holo-SETS) seminar will take place July 21-23 at the Crowne Plaza AiRE-MSP Airport - Mall of America, 3...

Spiritual Hunger – Part 6

Sixth of a seven-part series In this installment of the seven-part series, I will offer suggestions about how to dismantle the matrix and live a...

Spiritual Hunger – Part 4

As installment four in this seven-part series, I will address the risky consequences of the “unexamined life” and its relatedness to our craving for...

Spiritual Hunger: Part 3

Third of a seven-part series In installment three of this seven-part series, as a way of uncovering the veiled truths and obtain answers to questions...