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All is Well

Lift your eyes inward and dare yourself to stay Just a while in this precious, intimate space. Soften your thoughts now, and quietly embrace, This moment, this...

So Let Us Be

"god is she god is he god is you god is me god is water god is sun god is creation god is fun god is mystery god is free god is Love god is...


Headlong is not "wrong" when you are listening to your own song. Headlong is neither head nor long but your heart quickening fast and strong.


Be silent Be still, Awakened. Be the silence That struggles To be heard. Perceive Acknowledge, Be the wisdom. Love Be loved Be silence. Be this space, This inner sanctum, That is Your soul.


at a wounded heart tears migrating to eyes, ink for paper, mending fissures... a page at a time.

A Return to Quiet

"The frantic slicing and dicing of words build voluminous sandwiches  of indigestible doctrines. Swallowed whole, they sit heavily, uneasily  in the belly of the mind.   Unable to absorb any holy...

Luna and the Lake

I spied the moon through darkened trees Perfectly round and beaming with light I gazed at the lake through darkness of night A surface of glinting obsidian Luna...

The  Journey Home

Touch my soul, Be the guardian Of my spirit, The sunrise And sunset Of my day. Be the Swallow That returns, That is Eternal spring, The reason That is, My journey home.

Dedicated to the Mystery

A familiar drive over 17 at dusk Forests filling the hills A gaze to the right Something captured me A pathway between two trees And Mystery revealed itself to...

Lost Passport

The lost passport that  took you to Sri Lanka  is in the left breast pocket of the famous blue raincoat that you rarely wore.  The plane ticket that flew...

Wanderer: The Beauty of Life

I am sinking through the paradisical sky Splashing high tides fade away into the horizon Getting lost in the restless dreams of adventure Wandering soul so vibrant...

April Windstorm on Mountain Cliff (for Diana)

This poem, composed years ago, represents a core part of my transformative healing journey, that culminated in 100 percent total forgiveness. You were with me...

Given Up to the Wind

"When the stories have all been told and all the ways of growing old have been given up to the wind,   when we finally welcome home our beautiful...

The Gate Stands Open 

"Perhaps the fall from grace wasn't so much the eating of the apple but rather,  the swallowing of the story that separated us from ourselves and our ability to...

Only the Rich are Happy

we'll lose this place I guess and someone I think it should be you must sell their car that leaves us with certain economies like staying in together and passing...

Word for Word

You sewed yourself to my soul ages ago and so I know you I have always known you word for word


When I failed, my Dad always said, "That's okay, it will build character." My life lessons, Turning loss into inner gain, Presented in my everyday injuries...