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Shamanic Journeying
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Eagle and the Condor Ceremony attracts hundreds in St. Paul

More than 250 people gathered on December 6 to participate in a daylong ceremony that honored the coming together of the Eagle and the...

Eagle and Condor Prophecy Awakening coming in December

A noted shaman and condor protector from Peru will join a turtle priest and keeper of eagle medicine from North Dakota and a Mayan...

2012 Prophecy — The Great Choosing

Back in 1987, Jose Arguelles introduced the world to the Harmonic Convergence and the awareness of the end of the Mayan Calendar (Winter Solstice...

Ancient Prophecies: Another Vision

"Did you see that show 'Ancient Prophecies'? It was scary!" So proclaimed my 13-year-old son after viewing the recently televised network TV program dramatizing...