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KRYON Q & A…with Lee Carroll


Who is Kryon and what is his purpose? Lee Carroll: The best 3D answer I can give you is that Kryon is an extremely wise and loving angelic energy who gives me a constant love wash and information that is empowering to Humanity. The non-3D answer that if we are all part of creator, then I am part of who Kryon is also. Therefore you might say that Kryon and I are partners in opening a door to "the God inside," allowing me to give messages for Humanity that ring true. Kryon asks us to meld with ... more »

An Interview with Persian Guru, Kambiz Naficy


Kambiz Naficy is a meditation master and the founder of the international organization, Joy of Life. The mission of Joy of Life is to create joyful and stress-free living worldwide by raising human consciousness. Kambiz integrates the wisdom of ancient Kriya Yoga teachings with modern holistic sciences, such as quantum physics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Through Kriya yoga practices, including energetic breathing and meditation, Kambiz promotes Self-exploration and empowerment ... more »

Excerpts from “Healing the Rift”


Many non-spiritual people subscribe to the belief that our world is the result of matter - composed of tiny billiard ball-like entities. Do they really believe that life is merely a succession of vignettes of memories, feelings, and experiences that vanish when we die? Is that it - nothing survives death? "I learned that she'd died a month earlier. The details of her death did not register - just the fact that she had died...I decided that I wanted to understand the definition of life ... more »

Healing the Rift


"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality" - Carl Sagan Summer was in its glory in the Central Valley of California. Leo Kim, who would grow up to become a biochemist and work to find ways to stimulate the body's own defense system to fight cancer, was only a young boy, a Cub Scout. His best friend, Stanley, was planning to take a ride with his uncle, a crop duster, and Leo was invited. His parents said no, that it was too dangerous. ... more »