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KRYON Q & A…with Lee Carroll

Who is Kryon and what is his purpose? Lee Carroll: The best 3D answer I can give you is that Kryon is an extremely wise and loving angelic energy who gives me a constant love wash and information that is empowering to Humanity. The non-3D answer that if we are all part of creator, then I am part of who Kryon is also. Therefore you might say that Kryon and I are partners in opening a door to "the God inside," allowing me to give messages for Humanity that ring true. Kryon asks us to meld with ... Read More

An Interview with Persian Guru, Kambiz Naficy

Kambiz Naficy is a meditation master and the founder of the international organization, Joy of Life. The mission of Joy of Life is to create joyful and stress-free living worldwide by raising human consciousness. Kambiz integrates the wisdom of ancient Kriya Yoga teachings with modern holistic sciences, such as quantum physics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Through Kriya yoga practices, including energetic breathing and meditation, Kambiz promotes Self-exploration and empowerment ... Read More

Excerpts from “Healing the Rift”

Many non-spiritual people subscribe to the belief that our world is the result of matter - composed of tiny billiard ball-like entities. Do they really believe that life is merely a succession of vignettes of memories, feelings, and experiences that vanish when we die? Is that it - nothing survives death? "I learned that she'd died a month earlier. The details of her death did not register - just the fact that she had died...I decided that I wanted to understand the definition of life ... Read More

Healing the Rift

"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality" - Carl Sagan Summer was in its glory in the Central Valley of California. Leo Kim, who would grow up to become a biochemist and work to find ways to stimulate the body's own defense system to fight cancer, was only a young boy, a Cub Scout. His best friend, Stanley, was planning to take a ride with his uncle, a crop duster, and Leo was invited. His parents said no, that it was too dangerous. ... Read More