Ariel Spilsbury: Herald of the “new Myth”


A “new myth” for mankind is evolving and The Mayan Oracle, Return Path to the Stars, by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner, illuminates its constructs. The new myth is about discovering who we really are. The Mayan Oracle states, “Up to now, most of our familiar myths have been centered around separation and duality: light and dark, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, King Arthur and the Black Knight, Beauty and the Beast. In this new myth, we have access to a much broader perspective — a picture that acknowledges and celebrates all aspects of self and creation…focuses on integrating polarities and, in so doing, contributes to individual and planetary evolution.”

The Mayan Oracle not only offers a galactic perspective but is a tool to help us transform and return us to remembrance of our starry origins.

Ariel Spilsbury says that we’re in the midst of “a dimensional shift, a realm shift, not just a paradigm shift.” She said, “It’s hard to comprehend the inclusiveness of what that might mean because this happens so infrequently in a galactic evolution. Many who are here now have come to contribute to this evolutionary leap.” The Mayan Oracle, a book plus 44 cards-20 Mayan starglyphs, 13 numbers, and 11 “lenses of the mystery,” form the Tzolkin or sacred round of the Mayan Calendar which is said to be a galactic code to the workings of the universe. The intent is to form a powerful mandala of transformative energies.

Star being born into density
“I was born in Provo, Utah, via Sirius into a conservative Mormon family,” said Spilsbury, “… an unlikely setting. But many star beings were placed in vibrationally dense places to facilitate planetary transformation.” She said that she felt as though she never fit in and began meditating at a very early age, visualizing and imagining other realities, often traveling to different spaces. During her college years, where she tried to “belong” to the culture, she became so depressed that she had a nervous breakdown along with a suicide attempt, feeling that our culture was “too brutal an environment to live in.” Between a loving psychiatrist who affirmed and supported her psychic gifts and a college teacher who opened wide her huge metaphysical library, Spilsbury returned to a remembrance of who she really was — a star being on a mission to help awaken the planet from its slumber.

Her spiritual work in Salt Lake City evolved from bringing into that area, people such as Jean Houston or Ram Dass, to establishing a networking newspaper called Catalyst, still in operation under other management, to opening a store called Legends, a metaphysical resource center, to the writing of this book.

Language of light speaks of bliss
Much of the language of The Mayan Oracle reflects the “new myth.” For instance, Spilsbury talks about the realm shift-the shifting from fixed reference points to fluid reference points. Or training for 5th dimensional reality. Becoming an open system. Crafting a light body. Becoming transparent. Establishing resonance with a vibrational field. Or making decisions based on heart-knowing.

These phrases are part of what Spilsbury refers to as a new “language of light.” This language of light is characterized b feelings of bliss, transcendence, and unconditional love. This new language is said to come from direct energy transmission of Light that transforms us on a cellular level, activating our light bodies. Wherever the language of light originates, it stands to reason that when new paradigms evolve, a new language emerges to communicate the new

“We are now being asked to move into the unknown with no guarantees about anything. We become like cosmic dancers, adventurers on the quest. Instead of being predictable and stable, we learn to be fluid in training for 5th dimensional reality,” said Spilsbury. “Some people may choose to stay 3rd dimensional and thus one world will appear to disappear. These realities are evolving right now and the choices as to which dimension will work for us is made by our soul.”

“I know what 5th dimensional reality feels like. It is not rigid or fixed. It’s unconditionally loving. It’s a place of abundance where there is plenty for everyone. It’s an open system with fluid reference points,” said Spilsbury.

A foundation of the new myth is its emphasis on “open systems” or a world view of expansiveness, integration, and unification. “In the new paradigm, human beings are working toward becoming fully open systems. Open systems are analogous to fluid reference points in that they break down anything that defines or contains them in order to transcend that form,” said Spilsbury. “We are now in the breakdown phase of this, the Cauac archetype. Everything that is not is alignment with multidimensionality breaks down. In the new myth this is not only seen as a break down but breakthrough.”

The cards in the deck, although often used by some as a predictor of what is to come, are designed to help people communicate with their inner Essence Self, the part that directly connects with the Creator. The Mayan symbols used on the cards are “part of the galactic coding and seeding for the creation of your Light Body. These symbols are resonant capacitators. By focusing on a symbol you can access the cosmic library. Like DNA, each symbol is encoded with massive amounts of information and can be used as a means of interdimensional access. You’ll know which ones are appropriate to work with because you’ll have a feeling and will resonate with the ones that are for you. Symbols are great for rapid transformation because they are images which bring light into matter.”

Jose Arguelles in The Mayan Factor talks about symbols that “…literally create, work with and inform our Light Bodies. While the foundation of our Light Bodies corresponds to the vibratory infrastructure of the DNA, it can only be activated through a knowing use of symbols.”

Spilsbury says that symbols assist in the process of Self-Remembrance of who you are as an expanded Presence of your True Identity and act as a bridge to spark memories, recollections, knowings of the Larger Holograms, encoded patterns and preexisting matrixes of which you are a part.

“By aligning with your multidimensional presence in meditation, you’ll be directed from your Essence Self. Oftentimes changes occur-food habits, where you live, your relationships, or work. The purpose of the Mayan symbols is to activate the light body. It is meant to be easy rather than difficult or arduous.”

Above and beyond this process what Spilsbury says is, “The most important thing I can say is to know that Love is all there is and every experience is simply an experience to show you that Love Is and that you are Love. All things blossom and heal in Love’s presence. I look into others’ eyes and I see God. Expressing love is what our journey is all about. The rest is a side trip. When you step across the abyss and into our dimensions, the question that will be asked is ‘How much did you love?”

The Mayan Oracle (1992) was illustrated by Donna Kiddie and is available at most metaphysical bookstores or by contacting Bear & Company, Santa Fe, NM, $34.95.


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