Ancient Prophecies: Another Vision


“Did you see that show ‘Ancient Prophecies’? It was scary!” So proclaimed my 13-year-old son after viewing the recently televised network TV program dramatizing many of the major predictions and prophecies about the end of this century. Then I overheard people talking about the show in grocery stores and restaurants, all echoing versions of my son’s reaction. Finally, borrowing a copy of the video, I watched it for myself, and could immediately see why it had such an effect on those who may be new to this information: Hollywood special effects and an actor’s stage voice magnifying what are already potentially frightening scenarios…earthquakes, plagues, nuclear war, and unspeakable horrors seen but never shared publicly.

My response was twofold. First I asked a question of the Universal Being. “Is it too late to turn the momentum leading us towards the fulfillment of these prophecies?” And second, I felt that the show demanded a sequel to begin where this one ended. The last line was that prophecies were a warning to people to change, and that whether or not they come to pass is up to us. If that is true, what do we do?

That night I had a vivid dream with exquisite detail. I was in a conference with the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, and the mineral kingdom. The animal kingdom was represented by a large black gorilla. He took me into his reality, his community, and I saw how they lived in harmony with nature, One with an intelligence inherent in all of Creation. It was clear that they had chosen not to continue to evolve a consciousness that would have separated them from this harmony and oneness. It was also clear that we could know this same experience by choosing to evolve beyond the consciousness of self-centered survival in which we use, abuse, and manipulate nature to meet our perceived needs.

Then I was in the presence of a very old tree who represented the plant kingdom. This non-gendered entity took me to a rain forest that was being bulldozed. The images were so clear I could see the faces of those driving the machines. With some severity the Tree Being said that humans were a relatively recent evolutionary species on this planet and that it was time to realize that if enough of us woke up and said “NO!” at the same time, we could stop the destruction and begin a new phase of co-creating with these kingdoms represented at the conference. The mineral kingdom did not speak directly, but emitted a tone that was incredibly powerful as if undergirding everything that was said with tangible support.

I woke up with the collective “NO!” reverberating in my ears, and with the answer to my’ question. It also supported visions I have had regarding the future of our earth since childhood. Because of these visions, I have never listened to the predictions of earth changes with fear. As a child I saw images of large communities of people living in harmony with nature, each other, and other planets. When I spoke of these visions, I was told that it was called a “utopia” and would never become reality. Because my alternate experience was so vivid and strong, I didn’t believe them. Then, when I was 13, I. had a number of visionary experiences, some of which were scenes of destruction. I remember telling people that there would be a third world war in 1995 but not to worry, because by the time I would be 50 (2003 A.D.), there would be a World Peace Council. That is only nine years from now.

Then, in late 1982, I was driving home after an evening meeting in a small town in rural Minnesota. The drive typically took about 50 minutes. I had plugged in a tape of the sound track to the film Chariots of Fire as I left, and shortly out of town, the headlights coming toward me all merged into one bright light. In perfect synchronization to the music, a vision unfolded that lasted the full length of the tape and took me to the stop sign in my home town where I came to consciousness not knowing how I got there. There is too much to detail here, but briefly, there were three waves of challenge and shifting. The first one was personal, yet collective, a time of testing, clearing, and the waking up of those who had incarnated specifically to assist in evolving the human consciousness to the next level: those born feeling different, like aliens in an alien land, and with highly developed sensitivities. As the time of individual testing drew to a close, there was an intensification and escalation of an energy of joy culminating in the joining of many voices as one chorus that began to be heard throughout the Earth. Shortly thereafter came a collective testing during and after which these voices worked to calm fears, shift perspectives, teach and share tools. In a relatively short time, they facilitated a large scale awakening of people to their own awareness of who they truly are, then invited them into active participation as co-creative Beings assisting the birthing of this new planetary consciousness. As this wave built and intensified the energy, simultaneously the experience of joy deepened in ways I could perceive but not fully understand in that time.

There was then a third planetary challenge, after which was a time of deep silence; a time where the One consciousness we had become turned deeply inward to engage the numinous core of Creation. Gently and with a deep sigh, heaven and earth became One. That was the beginning of an entirely new unfolding of our collective story. Duality had been alchemized into a new consciousness, a whole new form, the crowning achievement of the Source; the Creator had fully merged with Creation. In the vision I watched with great joy as the Ascended Masters who had been in spirit freely walked the Earth heading up festivities, throwing a planetary party no one in this quadrant of the universe would soon forget!

There is more, but this is what I reflected upon after the show and the dream that was not a dream. There is time. Change is inevitable. What appears as destruction is actually only the dissolving of rigid crystallized thought forms that have not radically changed in thousands of years. As they dissolve we are freed to experience ourselves as the fluid creative rays of intent that we each are by nature. My training has been to let go, trust Love, cry the tears of the dissolving forms, and open into the womb of the void to receive the inspirations of the Creator to be experienced in Creation.

My ego, the part of me that was created to survive in a world of duality, used to think that I had to change the world (people, structures, institutions, etc.) so I could be here. That was felt as a tremendous responsibility and was also an old form that needed to release. I have come to realize that the more I relax into Being fully here in this body of Earth, as the Creator consciousness that I Am, things, people, structures, etc. seem to shift and change all effortlessly. And I believe that Being fully here, embodied, ensouled, is all we are asked to do in response to the prophecies of the ages of sages.

So please, be here. Release everything; patterned ways of thinking, acting, relating, living, that limit or dull your experience as a dancing, joyful Creator in form experiencing your creation. Nothing Real can be destroyed. Let go, cry the tears of the dissolving ice age forms, and open to joy (Anara!) beyond comprehension. The animal, plant, and mineral kingdom are waiting. All those who have been our guides and teachers are encouraging, assuring, and loving us to merge the duality of ego and spirit within. And the Creator is coming home to live in the garden. Anyone want to help create a sequel?

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Michele Mayama
Michele Mayama has facilitated group and individual change for almost 30 years, and for 19 years she and Chris LaFontaine have together traveled globally in planetary service, and created numerous events offering both timely information and experiential, transformative processes. They created Lightsmith in 1994 to offer clear information and helpful assistance for this time of fundamental change in our lives and world. They consider the current challenges on earth as a birthing process, thrusting us out of an old reality into something profoundly new. We see humanity moving into a different experience of life, born of the fusion of Love, Life and Light while an old world reaches the end of its time, self-extinguishing through choices made in fear, contraction and limitation. Michele offers personal sessions to assist you where you are in your growth and evolution and healing process.


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