Understanding the Vortex

In 1983, I began to learn about and work with healing the subtle energy fields of the human body. Within my training I learned that the vortices (chakras or energy centers) of the body can be blocked and nearly closed, overextended, distorted, or contain holes and leaks from unhealed injury. Energy meridians could be cut and frayed from past trauma and subsequently the flow of energy to certain organs or limbs would be impaired.

I also discovered pockets of pain, unreleased grief, fear, shame, anger, etc. stored within the etheric body often resulting in physical pain, injury, or disease in the same area.

In 1989, I began traveling and becoming trained in healing and working with the Earth’s body. Like the human body, the Earth has vortices (like a chakra system) and ley lines (meridians) through which flow the planet’s life-force. A vortex is formed wherever two or more of these ley lines intersect and they spin either clockwise or counterclockwise.

As I traveled to different places, I discovered more similarities to the human system. There are numerous old wounds — bombings, battlefields, clear-cut old forests and mining — that have cut through Icy lines or pooled and formed pockets of unreleased pain.

I found numerous and quite a variety of blockages and distortions in vortices and old sacred sites, the result of specific groups in the past desiring to hold, control and direct the powerful energy of these sites for their own ends. Most often, assisting the Earth to heal such wounds and blocks requires a group of willing humans who are utilized as instruments by the Earth to heal herself.

Often the vegetation of an area will reflect the motion of the energy line or vortex. Even though past civilizations he buried beneath those that built on top of them, archaeologists have discovered that often a church is on top of former temples or sacred buildings from the past, and dowsing easily identifies the intersection of major etheric rivers of life Icy lines and their vortex.

Sometimes the Earth herself identifies the places with unusual topography. Mt. Shasta in northern California and Chimney Rock in southern Colorado are two such examples. Weather patterns also identify Icy lines and vortices. More study about the correspondence of the tracks of tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning strikes, etc. and the Earths electromagnetic etheric field would be very interesting.

As I learned more, I found that the older more mature vortices were activated in different times of our Earth’s evolution of consciousness. They hold specific aspects of consciousness that were inserted into the morphogenetic field at that time.

In recent years, many people have felt compelled to travel to these centers of consciousness to activate and reintegrate remembrance of these aspects consciously for themselves and for the awakening collective.

In this time, new vortices are being activated over a period of years as the next aspects of consciousness are being released into the morphogenetic field. The older power places are releasing what they have been holding, while the new power sites are increasing in capacity and effectiveness. Periodically the whole grid resynchronizes (as does the human body) to form a new foundation upon which to continue to evolve and change. This just happened on the Fall Equinox on Sept. 22.

The native peoples of the world made the powerful vortices their sacred sites and refused to live on or near them. We have lost that awareness, so many people find themselves living on powerful ley lines and within the influence of major or minor vortices. There’s too much to say about all the influences I’ve noticed on people’s lives, but a summary statement would be: One had better enjoy constant change and a good challenge to let go and evolve!

A vortex also acts like a magnet, thawing in and casting off people and other non-embodied life forms, sometimes rather abruptly. Like a bright light, it attracts all those seeking such light to either assist in healing or to hang onto if the light within is not yet strong. If one does not evolve, the attachment to the vortex can open a person to astral influences. Periodic clearing of such sites is helpful as many beings needing to move to the other side are attracted to vortices as a way station to their full release.

In a positive sense, they can be consciously worked with to assist one’s evolution and growth to wholeness, to remember and integrate specific aspects of consciousness and to serve the greater collective through insertion of specific intentions and energies that are distributed throughout the Earth’s energetic grid of consciousness.

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Michele Mayama has facilitated group and individual change for almost 30 years, and for 19 years she and Chris LaFontaine have together traveled globally in planetary service, and created numerous events offering both timely information and experiential, transformative processes. They created Lightsmith in 1994 to offer clear information and helpful assistance for this time of fundamental change in our lives and world. They consider the current challenges on earth as a birthing process, thrusting us out of an old reality into something profoundly new. We see humanity moving into a different experience of life, born of the fusion of Love, Life and Light while an old world reaches the end of its time, self-extinguishing through choices made in fear, contraction and limitation. Michele offers personal sessions to assist you where you are in your growth and evolution and healing process.


  1. i have experienced my 1st vortex early hrs of this morning, and had a word stuck in my mind, vortex, why I don’t know, never used the word before


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