Journey of Souls with Michael Newton


One of the most amazing books to be published in recent years — Journey of Souls (Llewellyn, 1994) — continues to find new readers and attract a growing audience among those curious about who they are and where they came from.

Journey of Souls is a case study of patients seen by Michael Newton, Ph.D., a certified Master Hypnotherapist in California. They came to him with many of the usual complaints unrelenting fear, an inability to cope with certain situations, pains that don’t seem to go away Dr. Newton, a self-professed atheist with no interest at all in new age things, did straight hypnotherapy. No past-life stuff. Until he was forced to confront the possibility that reincarnation is true.

His groundbreaking book takes the reader to that place between lives where we meet with members of our soul groups, consult with our teachers and make concerted efforts to choose an appropriate life and situation to help ourselves grow. In a special interview that included Edge Publisher Gary Beckman and his wife, lnsiah Vawda-Beckman, Dr. Newton told us he would have been the first one to laugh in your face if you had discussed the journey of souls. Now, he takes it seriously, and his discussion of the subject merits keynote status around the world

When did the cases you documented in Journey of Souls take place?
Michael Newton: Journey of Souls was written over many, many years. I began as a very traditional hypnotherapist. People would come to me and want me to do their past-life regression, and I would say, very uncuriously, “No I’m sorry. I’m a traditional psychotherapist. Hypnotherapy is my specialty. I do not do past-life regressions.”

So they thought I was being a little narrow minded, but I explained. “I’m not a new age person, OK? You’re talking to the wrong person.

This man came up tome once and asked for an appointment so he could be placed under hypnosis, because he had this pain in his side for as long as he could remember. He said, “The doctors think I have a psychosomatic problem here. X-rays show nothing.”

I said, “Do you feel it might have happened in childhood?”

He said, “Yes. I think it did. I must have done something as a small child I don’t know what it is, but I’m carrying that memory.”

So I placed him in deep hypnosis and we worked for quite a while. I was getting nowhere. Finally, out of frustration, I just asked him, “Go to the source of this pain.”

The next thing I knew, we were on the fields of battle in World War I. So being the skeptic I am — he’s dying in the mud, in his mind — and I’m asking him about his regiment I want to know what’s on his arm patch, and what day is it?

“July 1, 1916.”

And he’s a British sergeant and he’s being bayoneted. I just couldn’t believe it. I said, “My God, am I in the new age?” I didn’t know. So I just did with him what I would have done with anyone who had injured themselves in childhood and I deprogrammed this. After I finished asking him a lot of pointed questions, because I’m an amateur historian, I wanted to see if he was telling me something that really made sense. Then he left. I was just stunned and bewildered. I checked my history books and checked those dates, places, times, regiments I even wrote the British Ministry to check on it. And they wrote back and said, “Yes.”

He called me a few weeks later and said, “I’m fine. No more pain. Thanks so much.”

With that case, I began to do more and more research,

Now, there are many past-life therapists, but I don’t know of anyone who specializes in the work that I do. And I didn’t either, in the beginning. What was really the breakthrough for me is that when people who are hypnotherapists work with past-life regression, most of them do not think about the life between lives. They skip over it. They think This is just a bridge from one life to the next. There’s nothing there. Many of those who have experimented with it have been unsuccessful because their patients aren’t deep enough.

The only reason I had the particular case lam going to tell you about work for me was because I had a very somnambulistic person who went very deep, very quickly.

This lady came to me with the presenting problem of depression. She said she couldn’t connect with anyone. “I have no friends,” she said. “I don’t know what it is. I cry all the time. I miss people.”

Again, I thought this was a traditional case of depression. So, again in a sense of frustration, I told her, “Go to the source of this loss of companionship, either individually or in groups.”

When I used the word “group,” it was a trigger word, later realized how important that word is for people who are describing the spirit world. And she started to cry. Her eyes were closed, but she was pointing at my office wall, and she said, “There they all are.”

And I’m saying, “Who?”

“My group.”

And I’m thinking, are we talking about a bridge group? What’s going on here?

And she said, “No, my soul group.”

We had just finished one lifetime, and I hadn’t taken her to the next one, and she was in between lives. That case was my first breakthrough. Again, I was stunned and I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. I asked a lot of questions and brought her out of hypnosis and analyzed the tapes. After that case, it took me a long time to figure out how to take people into the spirit world, what it is you need to do from a hypnosis standpoint to get people very deep. And, they have to know that you know what you’re doing. Most people in hypnosis are very protective about this aspect of their immortality. If they think you are just stumbling around and that you don’t really understand what they are telling you, they won’t. Most people are not like this lady I spoke about who just wanted to unload her trauma. Most people are very cautious.

It took me years to really unravel the puzzle and I didn’t tell anybody what I was doing. People from various associations, like the Association for Past Life Therapies, were very upset with me. I gave them a keynote speech last year and they said, “You worked for all those years and didn’t tell any of us what you were doing?”

There were 29 cases in the book but they represent thousands of cases, really. And I’ve documented everything. Checked. Crosschecked, didn’t want any bias. I didn’t want anybody telling me what they thought, or about their research. Later, I found there have not been any books written in this kind of detail about life between lives.

I have found that most therapists call me and say, “I’ve been working in this field for years but I still can’t get anything but fragmentary information. What am I doing wrong?”

My first question is, “How long are they in hypnosis?”

“Well, you know, the usual, 45 minutes, one hour.”

I said, “You can’t work in my field. First of all, I have to have three hours. This kind of work cannot be done in one hour.”

They say, “That means you only see two people a day. I can’t make a living doing that.”

I also tell them their patients aren’t deep enough in hypnosis. I have to take them very deeply into the theta state. Alpha will not work. You can take people into past lives in alpha, and you can get a lot of information on the subconscious in alpha, but I have found — and this is my own opinion — I have to take them to the next level down to reach their super-conscious minds.

How did it affect you when you discovered this? Was there a sense of knowing on your part that you had hit upon something important? Newton: I had chills when I had that first case I could not believe what was happening.

You’re looking at somebody who is truly an atheist. I had no beliefs in anything. Nothing. Except survival. And that when this life is over, it is over. Into oblivion. Maybe that is why I was chosen for this work. You couldn’t have had a more skeptical person. So I was relentless with my questions.

In time, working with more and more people, what I found was this: It did not matter whether they were deeply religious, a true, fundamentalist Christian, a Buddhist, or an atheist or any philosophical persuasion in between. Once I had them in deep hypnosis, they all told me the same thing. It’s the consistency of reports that caused me to continue my work and finally write the book.

When it was all over, I have acquired, I hope, spirituality. I’m not a religious person, per se, but spiritual. I have come to an understanding that there is order. Nothing happens by accident. We choose our own bodies for certain purposes in life. I get very sad when I see our drug-infested culture, because when you are on chemicals, alcohol or other drugs, the soul shuts down. It’s imprisoned. It cannot function through the mind. I see so many kids who want to escape from reality. And, of course, that’s the very reason that they’re here — to deal with reality, to deal with the problems of life and learn from them.

Some people feel the whole idea of reincarnation is abhorrent to them. They say, “This life is so hard and I’m in pain all the time, and to think  about having to do it again is just too overwhelming for me. I don’t want to believe it. I cant believe it. I won’t believe it.” So you have people who want to end it all. I’ve had people who have committed suicide in past lives. If a person who commits suicide could only understand that the minute they die and cross over, they will know instantly that they’ve done something incredibly stupid. At that time, the amnesiac barrier is gone and they have full knowledge of their immortality. They realize they’re going to have to come back and do it again, and not only that. They’ve left many people who loved them deeply.

So if this book helps people who are not interested in a traditional religious path and are looking for something that makes sense to them, then I will have set out to accomplish what I intended to do.

It’s been an interesting three years.

Some might say that what takes place between lives should remain a mystery. Why are you being allowed to give details?
Newton: I ask myself that question a lot. What role do I play in this? First of all, I think I was selected to do what little contribution I have done because of my skepticism and my strong academic background. I’ve spent years studying philosophy, psychology, history and archaeology. I came into this with enough knowledge in other areas without being clouded by having a belief system that would have contaminated my studies.

The other question is, why are people like me able to get information that perhaps a century ago would have been impossible? I’ve asked my clients this when they were in the spirit world. We are in an age that is very different than any other age in history. We have a population problem in the world that is overwhelming. The next century is going to be horrible if we continue on with this uncontrolled propagation. Add to that the drug culture. There has never been a time in which so many drugs were available to so many people in so many areas of the world. I believe those factors, as well as the environmental concerns that exist as we end this millennium, have led the “powers upstairs,” if I may use that term, to loosen the amnesiac block to give us more hope.

There was a period of time, about 5,000 years ago, in which people had much more of a sense of their immortality than we do today. I’ve questioned people very carefully who have lived in the stone age, the Neolithic era, Paleolithic era, even up to the time of Babylonia and early Egyptian culture. And when I question people about their lives in those times, they had a sense of the hereafter. They had a true sense that they were just here temporarily and that they were going back to a place of love and kindness where there was no judgment or criticism of who they were.

We somehow lost this, and I’m not blaming Christianity or any religion. But by the time of the Middle Ages, it seemed like we had just shut down. You could argue, why is amnesia there in the first place? Why can’t we all be telepathic? It would be like going in to take an exam with all the answers taped to your wrist wearing a long-sleeved shirt so the teacher couldn’t see that you were peeking every so often to get the answers. What good would the examination be if you knew the answers before you came in?

And how would your life be affected if you had all the knowledge of all of your past lives? I think there are a number of reasons for amnesia.

So what about my work? If people have amnesia about past lives, and life between lives, am I going against the rules of the game by releasing this information? I have had little to no success with the young. I don’t even work with those under 30. I also have found that if people aren’t supposed to know certain things, I might have them in the spirit world and they might see nothing but blankness. They might talk about certain things or say, “My guide doesn’t want me to know this.” And I respect that.

So, you see, they’re monitoring me. And I’ve had a number of people who were in great pain and they were allowed to look at all the issues involved. So I think there is a lot of selectivity involved.

Remember, each of us selected this body for a purpose, and our guides and masters gave us help in selecting this body. We are who we are because we’re here to learn certain lessons.

A lot of people look in the mirror in the morning and say, “Why am I me? How did I come to be this individual?” That’s the soul talking.

It seems the information by those who have reported near-death experiences seems to compare favorably with what you have found.
Newton: There have been many NDE reports, the whole business about bright lights, tunnels. The thing about the NDE is that they’re only clinically dead for three minutes. I work with people for three hours and I don’t have somebody in physical trauma. These reports do give a glimpse of the spirit world. I am able to take people a lot further.

Journey of Souls speaks frequently about the value of personal relationships. Can you elaborate on the value of connecting with others? Newton: I mentioned the woman who was depressed because she missed her soul group so much that she could hardly function. Most people are not like that woman. They are here in bodies, surrounded by friends and loved ones who they are associated with in the spirit world. The most obvious ones are our spouses, people that we love most deeply. Usually they are a part of our inner circle, which on average is five to eight souls. These are our brothers and sisters, our wives and husbands, sometimes a parent, maybe a favorite uncle, maybe your best friend in high school. Then there is a larger group, which also is peripherally involved with our lives.

I see this all as a huge stage play. You are the major actress. And you are supported by many other cast members, who are major actors and actresses in their own right, and you play a supporting part in their lives. It’s all interconnected. When we come into our lives and screw up relationships, and we do not value friendships, we do not take love seriously. Then we are self-destructing our purpose. One of our major purposes in life is to give and receive love. That can be a deep, physical and mental love connected with a spouse, but it can also be a kindness to other people whom you may not even know very well. And a respectfulness of their beliefs and the way they function even though it may be different than your own. Part of it is the Golden Rule. It’s all part of lesson learning.

What has information from the spirit world told you about soul mates, the idea that there is only one person out there for us?
Newton: I get questioned about that a lot. Here’s what’s interesting. Say somebody has been married three times and she is in her 50s. I often find that the first marriage was with the person they had intended on a soul level to stay with. But it’s OK, because it’s all part of learning.

I have found that soul mates can take many shapes and sizes. It does not have to be your spouse or the person you are most deeply in love with. I find that soul mates can exist on many levels — best friends, relatives with whom you feel a very close connection, people you work with.

I wrote about the first time I saw my wife. I almost fainted. I could not believe it. It was like we had always known each other, and we had, but it was the first time I had seen her on Earth. And she felt the same way. There is that old adage that the soul is reflected in the eyes. I’m sure you have looked at someone in their eyes and felt, “There is something about this person that I am connecting with, but I cannot figure it out because I never met them before.” It doesn’t have to be a love relationship, but just someone you meet as a friend. You might just be sitting at an airport.

There’s often something behind that feeling.

What have you learned about one soul that is present in more than one body?
This is the concept of duality of souls, which is very complicated and many people are confused by it. And they mix it up with twin souls, which is a concept I totally reject. The division of souls is voluntary. The idea is that if I incarnate in two or more bodies during one chronology of lives, I will then accelerate my learning. Our teachers and guides discourage this because they believe it fractures our energy too much, but they will let us do it if we want to attempt it. I have had many clients who have done this. After they do it a few times, however, they see that the wise counsel behind working with one body at one time.

A part of our energy stays behind in the spirit world and never leaves when we incarnate. That’s how, upon your passing, you can see your mother who had died 30 years before you even though she has already reincarnated. A part of her — all of us — is always there in the soul group. And that brings up the confusion about ghosts and people who leave behind bits and pieces of their energy when they pass over. It’s like a hologram.

The whole thing about inhabiting more than one body is that there is always 100 percent of your energy. No more. If you have 30 percent of your energy in one body, 30 percent in a second body and 30 percent in a third, you’re going to have less energy than someone who is completely in one body.

I asked a client once, ‘What would happen if you brought 100 percent of your soul’s energy into a body and didn’t leave anything behind in the spirit realm, and you weren’t in another body?” You know what he said? We’d blow the circuits of the human brain.

Why do you reject the twin soul concept?
Newton: It pre-supposes that at the origin of the creation of your soul, you were divided, and that you will not meet the other half until all of your incarnations are finished and then you will be rejoined with yourself, so to speak None of my research has ever indicated that any of that is truth. As a matter of fact, it’s diametrically opposed to the concept that our closest souls are the ones we are supposed to be working with.

What about walk-Ins?
Newton: Let me tell you why I don’t believe in the precept of walk-ins. And this is just my personal truth. We sign a contract when we come through to work with this body until it gives out Now, if you commit suicide, that’s a voluntary action. Are you going to tell me that halfway into our lives we’re going to say, “Gee, this is too hard. I’m going to check out and let some other soul come in and finish this life for me. I want to leave and go back home.”

Walk-ins make no sense to me. What about the daughter who’s in a coma, and her soul is gone and a more powerful soul is going to somehow come in and take over? No way. The body may be in a coma, and the soul may be out and roaming around, waiting to come back if the body regains consciousness. It’s not trapped. But it’s not going to let some other soul come over and finish the life. That’s just not the way it’s done upstairs. Souls are signed for the duration of the body.

It may be that there is a spiritual awakening and one might explain that as though it were someone else, someone different, coming in. Newton: That’s a very good explanation.

One more question In that regard: What about a soul that wants to come in but does not want to come in until age 10 or so, skipping Infancy? Newton: It doesn’t work that way. Everybody starts at the starting line. Now, there are variations of when the soul joins the fetus, some in the third month, some in the ninth month. Late corners, so to speak, right at the moment of birth.

I had one woman who told me, “I’m not one of those late corners. I like to get used to my body while I still have all of my soul memories.

And, of course, I get involved in some lectures with the abortion issue, Well, if this is true, then the soul knows that the baby is going to be aborted so there’s no point in the soul ever coming in. Well, its always a tricky issue to address. The best way I can handle this is to simply say, that I have never found a soul that joined the body before the three-month period, because there’s not much of a body for them to work with. I don’t believe the soul is there before the 90-day point. After that yes, souls do know if the baby is going to live or not.

I had a woman write me after hearing me on the Art Bell show. She was a nurse who worked in a maternity ward. And she said to me, “Are you going declare that stillborn children are soul-less? Are you going to take that away from the parents?” She was very angry.

I called her and said, “You have to understand that I’m not playing God here. It could well be that the soul would come into the body of a stillborn child in order to teach the parents a lesson. I wouldn’t know unless I were working with that parent exactly what the reasons were for the joining or non-joining of a body by a soul. I cannot make a definitive statement about that. I can only tell you about my research and what I’ve been told. More often that not, if it’s known that a child is not going to survive, there’s no reason for the soul to join the body.”

Now, if the soul is on a TWA flight that crashes off New York, in a body of a 4-month-old boy, what is the purpose there? That child never had a chance? The purpose was, for the few weeks that he was alive, he gave love to his parents. There was a lesson there, and he volunteered for that assignment, however short it may have been. Everybody volunteers for their work on Earth. People who died in Auschwitz. They were all volunteers. I’ve had many, many clients who had been through the German death camps. It’s always tough working with them. Everyone of them knew in advance what their challenge in that lifetime would be.

Can you give us a sense of the spiritual hierarchy — and I don’t like that word, but what coordinates everything?
Newton: I had a friend I went to undergraduate school with in Tucson. I gave a speech there and he sat in the front row, wearing a hat that read, “Resist Authority.”

He said, “Michael, I don’t like hierarchy.”

I said, “Well, Joe, what’s your take on all of this?”

“First of all,” he said, “you know I’m an oblivionist. When life is over, it’s over. And secondly, I haven’t been able to sleep at night after reading your book.”

And I said, “Why is that, Joe?”

“Because it makes it sound that if this were true, I’d be going back to military boot camp training.” Joe is smiling, having a good time with me.

“OK. Joe. If I told you that you couldn’t go to oblivion, upon death, and had to make some choice, how would you like it to be upstairs?”

He said, “I want to sit on a cloud with a harp. That’s all I want to do.”

I asked him one last question. I said, “Joe, I know you pretty well. I know it wouldn’t be long before you’d be pretty bored playing that harp.”

And the whole crowd laughed and he didn’t say another word to me after that. It’s not a true hierarchy. We use the word, but you know what my clients say? They say, “I cannot express in English how beautiful this is. It’s not like going to he principal’s office when I talk with an elder. The first thing they say to me when I come back from a life is, ‘Welcome. How do you think you did?’”

So if you can think of some really benevolent teacher you might have had in the fourth grade, that’s the concept of those who help lead us in the spirit world. It’s not a military hierarchy or a corporate hierarchy or a religious hierarchy. It’s based on love and compassion. It’s how you would treat a very small child in your family. It’s non-judgmental. It’s encouraging. Let’s talk about the lessons you learned. How do you think you could have done better? What can we do to help next time? What kind of body would be most helpful in getting over this particular problem? They’re like counselors. I cannot convey the beauty of what awaits us.

Many of us sense that we are in an amazing time of transition on this planet. Do you get a sense from your clients that we share a collective mission or purpose, as well as an individual mission to accomplish in our bodies?
Newton: Yes, very much so. There are souls who refuse to incarnate on Earth. They believe it is too tough here. They think we’re a savage planet. They’ve been here a few times and they’re not coming back. They go to other planets. The thing about Earth is, you learn very profound lessons here. If you can get through it, you’re very strong. People who have survived all of their incarnations to become ascended masters are very, very powerful, because Earth is such a tough school.

I believe there is a collective consciousness. Around the world, when you think of all the millions and millions of people who are searching and trying to do good in their lives and to help other people, certainly there’s a collective energy. I don’t have all the answers as to how this affects everybody, but I believe there is a vibrational force, and I also believe it is coming from the spirit world.

You focus almost exclusively on lives souls have led on Earth. Have you been given much Information on off-planet lives?
Newton: Some of my information on that is detailed, and I’m going to write another book and talk a little more about that. I swore I wouldn’t write another, but in a couple of years I will probably come out with one last one to refine some issues.

What often happens regarding information on life on other planets is that when I get in the middle of these conversations, my clients say, “Why do you need to know this?”

And I say, “Well, it might help others understand the full ramifications of incarnations, not necessarily just on Earth.”

Most of the time they will say it is not necessary that we know this. They will tell me a few things and then they will stop short and say, “I can’t remember any more” or “something is happening and I’m seeing nothing but blackness.” Then I know there is a guide there somewhere who’s telling me to back off on that line of questioning. I am curious about that and do want to know it myself, but it’s not something that comes pouring out There are people who have never incarnated on any other planet than Earth. A lot of people.

Are you continuing your hypnosis sessions on clients, collecting more and more information?
Newton: I think I have learned all that I am going to. I wrote the book, thinking I would retire and slip into anonymity. But oh boy. I’m in my mid-60s and am in semi-retirement. I still see two or three clients each week. It’s a long waiting list It’s at least a year or two long. And I may never get to some of those people.

Are you planning to share information with hypnotherapists about your methods?
Newton: I am frequently asked about that. I have given one or two lectures to large groups of hypnotherapists. I plan to do more training, but I have been so busy with this book, doing radio shows, magazine articles, television, and my energy level is not high right now.

I promise to leave a legacy by training others. But I have to add that I am going to be extremely selective. I want this individual to have a solid academic background in psychology, not someone who just works with stop-smoking and weight loss. I want a hypnotherapist, not hypnotist. I want someone who has worked years in this field, with hundreds of hours of proper hypnosis training. I won’t accept anything less.

I’ll probably work with small groups, because I don’t have time to do it individually. And it will probably be done through hypnosis associations that will have done the screening of potential students for me.

It will be done, because I’m giving out fast and I want someone to take over for me.

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  1. Very nice interview with Dr. Newton.

    I personally do not believe every soul reincarnates. Also, in my view, soul groups (while very REAL) are not a creation principle in so much as they are more like a personal congregation. I think every soul is created individually from a single ovoid of light (E.C. Prophet’s words) radiating from the Central Sun (God) that sort of “drop down” into a cluster or primary soul family. However, “twin flames” are also a creation principle, akin to monozygotic twins, and probably just as rare (they are not soulmates in the sense that they take on these recurrent alternating roles throughout various incarnations).

    I have done hypnosis before and can semi-hypnotize myself. I am not reincarnated, although my soul hovered in the 4th dimension beginning at the time of my parents’ births (in the 1940s) until my physical birth in 1981. What hypnosis did show me, even though I already remembered it prior, was me actually leaving the higher realms (heaven if you will), although it felt more like my own private planet mirroring earth’s appearance complete with forests, animals, a meadow, and the presence of ONE OTHER person begging me to stay.

    Dr. Newton’s hypnosis work was so fascinating. Was interesting that his 7,000+ patients who had past life memories or regressions, they all seemed to come from primary soul families they would reconvene with at the interface (4th dimension I guess?) between lives, but that no one experienced an actual splitting or separation from the so-called “twin flame” or mirror soul. His data helped shape my belief system and I now think, based on my own life, that reincarnated individuals are not twin/mirror souls.

  2. Just wanted to follow up on my previous comment:
    Until reading Dr. Newton’s work, I truly believed everybody was a twin flame, with their counterparts scattered throughout the world or cosmos. (It was sort of based on the allegory of Adam & Eve.) The key point here is separation. Well, if that were a universal principle, then that is a lot of pointless lives and relations (soulmates) if the ultimate goal in all of existence is to find this divine counterpart at the expense of every union forged on earth. It’s actually similar to the fundamentalist view of the Bible that spouses, kin, and friends (basically every person who was precious to us) will cease to matter because we will become engulfed by the love and presence of Jesus. It is as though nothing from this life lived will carry over. I’m sure Dr. Newton found it amusing that Jesus-y figures were always ostensibly absent in his subjects’ past-life regressions or in-between-lives “meetups” with one’s soul family.

    So are twin flames real? I do think they exist but are indeed a rarity (I’d put the number on par with identical, biological twins, which comprise 3 in 1,000 births). And you will notice that the lived dynamic of biological twins is very different from everyone else. There is constant togetherness, almost as if it were based upon a need for existential affirmation in the presence of the twin, to the point of exclusion of other relationships. Not all twins are peculiar in that sense, but the dynamic is unique and misunderstood. I think if people stopped romanticizing the concept and looked at “twin flames” through this lens, they would see that it is a very unusual soul type and difficult soul journey.

  3. They don’t have to come back and do it again. Suicide is not “stupid”. Take it from someone who has BEEN TO THE OTHER SIDE and lived to talk about it. All religions are manmade. God is literal love. If someone is suffering to the point where they can no longer cognitively cope with their reality, what their illness is putting them through, and they’ve already reached out, exhausted all available help to its limitations (and trust me there ARE limitations) and has reached the point where their suffering has exceeded the love they had for their loved ones, then they are not being “stupid”. This is a judgment from the lower mind and speaks volumes of your lack of both compassion and experience. They are not forced against their will to “do it all over again” though New Age victim blaming culture likes to spread this lie around like a filthy disease. Yes, they are shown the effects it, and virtually everything else, had on those they encountered both directly and indirectly but this is a not a “lesson”. It is a byproduct of the dissolution of the ego (separation consciousness) as it is healed. Elderly people with no one left who have lost their sanity and quality of life, disabled people with no hope of ease to their suffering… Even their family members are okay with letting them go because it’s just so much… People so riddled with schizophrenia and treatment-resistant depression literally have shrinking brains! They can’t reason. They can’t think! They are NOT penalized for SUFFERING with MORE SUFFERING. You people think you won’t pay for spreading this lie but I’ve seen what happens to those who do. It’s perfectly fair. If you didn’t know any better then you’ll be fine but if you knew better and still choose to perpetuate this lie then everyone you lied to will know about it and will want answers. You will be shown why this lie was damaging. That you can’t even see it now concerns me, but only as long as you remain here believing this illusion. Don’t you ever fucking call people who complete suicide “stupid”! You claim to be a man of God and yet your words are completely the opposite of God. They lack understanding, compassion and love. They fear-monger! They overgeneralize all suicides into a black-and-white, one-size-fits-all set of ridiculous “rules”. It shows just how small your mind is. You do not represent anything other than ignorance!

  4. Thank you for your comments Denis. I do agree that Michael Newton’s statement that suicide was a “stupid” decision is insensitive to say the least. I cannot speak for the author – and please keep in mind that his article was written in 1997 and was not produced by current staff members.

    I will attempt to interpret the point he was trying to make; I think he was trying to state that, after a person kills themself in one lifetime, they will find, after crossing over, that they did not necessarily escape the challenging issues they faced in that life. When our soul enters a new body, we bring along soul contracts and other learnings our higher selves have assigned us. Challenges we run away from will reappear in front of us. Lessons and learning we ignore will resurface us again and again. Perhaps that is what he was referring to? I suppose we will never know.

  5. Soul contracts don’t exist. That’s another New Age concept cherry picked from Sutras and taken out way of context. It’s also another form of victim blaming. Just cause fallacy. I understand that when a soul descends into the denser planes of existence, the veils of separation (ignorance) follow. However, it makes zero sense to sign up for something knowing you’re going to forget it when you need it the most. Such a system is almost always destined to fail. The higher realms are not so incompetent. I actually wrote about this in one of my own pieces. It’s an ineffective system dependant upon whether or not the soul has access to even the idea that they must have to access their higher self’s data in order to remember/fulfill their “contract”. I experienced no obligatory “contracts” during my few years in gamma state awareness interacting with my own higher self. If I wanted to make drastic changes to my life, that was totally fine. No penalty, no “broken agreements”, nothing of the sort.

    Karma doesn’t exist, either, at least not the way most people believe it does. I wrote a huge piece about this in my journal. It’s too much to explain on this one section and, frankly, I’d rather save it for my own site.

    I can appreciate your beliefs. I used to believe these things, myself, but I have come to realize they were lies, also. I rejected many New Age beliefs after I went off on my own and spent about two years just meditating in solitude (Thanks, global pandemic lockdown). None of what I experienced lined up with common teachings in most religions, not even Buddhism. If you think about it, it makes sense. These ancient texts came with their advantages in that those who wrote them actually went into themselves and straight to the source, rather than relying on dogma like Abrahamic and Pagan religions. But the disadvantage lies with the span of linear time coupled with humans being humans, cognitive bias and alternate interpretations based in misunderstandings. Karma is a Hindu and later Buddhist concept but even among sub groups of Buddhists, there is still disagreement and variation among interpretations of the sutras. Ultimately, Karma was used as a means of justifying the unfairness and great divide between the haves and the have-nots in this world. Rather than addressing the real issue of systematic greed and corruption within society, it was easier to tell the untouchables they had somehow deserved their shitty lives born into societal exile. Basically, if such a philosophy brings you comfort, you might be privileged. No poor or disadvantaged person would be okay with this. Rationalizing it as a learning experience can only take you so far until even that, in itself, starts to become absurdly masochistic. Yes, to some extent, we have control but not as much as we would like to assure ourselves. Even the sutras explicitly state that not all things are caused by karma. Sometimes, shit just happens.

    I wrote about what happens to the ego as it is dissolved (my own personal experience, anyway.) I also wrote about the agony of what it feels like for the ego to grow back via existence within the limitations of physicality, linear time and exposure to trauma after one returns to the denser plane of Earth. The piece explains why we don’t bring anything traumatic with us when we come back. It accumulates while we are here but is dissolved after we die (though, it is a process and often involves time and extra help). Unless we incarnate before we get a chance to heal first. That would be the only instance where I could see us bringing old wounds and guilt from past deeds over into the next lifetime. People swear by past life regression so it must be a possibility. I carried my interests over from before. But I was healed before I came here. I signed no contracts. The only reason I know that was that I had the privilege to encounter my higher self. Not everyone does. Aside from that, we are born truely free and clear (reset), not paying any penance for something one of the previous characters we played while under the veil of ignorance may have done.

    “If you want to learn the mysteries of the one who created us then it is as easy as observing our own creations” -JDF

    I grew up loving many things: Music, art, books, nature, food and video games. Plenty more stuff, too. People look down on gaming because they dismiss it as a colossal waste of time. If I hadn’t played Assassin’s Creed, then I would have never bought history books. If I hadn’t played Wolfenstein, I would have never had an interest in and learned about WW2. Before Dishonored 2, I struggled with magick rituals, prayers and spells. Afterwards, my abilities strengthened because I began using visualizations and systems that made better sense to me. Video games are no more a waste of time than reading a fictional book or watching a movie. Puzzle games stave off dementia. They’re like a workout for the brain!

    What is my point going on about video games? Well, it goes back to the quote about the bigger mysteries answered within the smallest things: This incarnation is the game. We are the character. If there is a such thing as “soul contracts”, then it’s probably something made out of light intentions, sort of like achievement hunting. It isn’t mandatory. Let’s say I go back and play Alan Wake to find and collect all the hidden thermoses. Once I collect them all, I get an achievement. I fulfill my “contract”. But you don’t “fail” the game if you finish it and you missed one thermos. The way you win the game is by finishing the game. If you happened to collect all the thermoses, then you get the achievement. Great. If not then it’s no big deal. You don’t get penalized. You aren’t forced to come back and play the game again. You choose to because you want to. Extra credit. Extra XP. Life is a lot like that. Some games, you get about halfway through and you’re just not feeling it. You quit. You don’t finish. And that’s okay! Not every game will be completed. Suicides happen. Things just got too overwhelming. You bailed. That’s OKAY! No penalty. No (have to do it all over again). You aren’t forced against your will. That would be slavery. Maybe you decide later (if you’re healed and rested enough) to try again. But you don’t go into an incarnation knowing everything that will happen. You have a rough idea but shit still happens. Things can become so overwhelming with little help that suicide actually becomes the most logical decision. I’m not talking about young people who get their hearts broken and quit. I’m not talking about criminals who kill themselves to avoid spending the rest of their lives in prison. I’m talking about a person who just simply didn’t have the resources to get through and has nothing left and no one left.

    I had a friend. He shot himself when he was 29. I loved him so much. He was probably the only person I could talk to about the weird stuff going on in my head. He never made it weird. He was a kind-hearted but brilliant person. His parents loved him. When he went missing, all of us were worried. I couldn’t sleep. One afternoon, I came out of my room. My partner told me I might want to sit down. He told me they found my friend’s body in the woods with a gun in his hand and a hole in his head. I shut down. I couldn’t even cry. I just needed a moment to process everything. He had just finished getting his degree. He had his whole life in front of him. He had a family. He had a future. Then I later found out WHY he did it. His mom and dad were the only other people he told. He didn’t want the rest of us to worry about him. He had a brain tumor. The doctors told him it was terminal. I had noticed he was getting very skinny towards the end but I rationalized he must have been going through a bit of an eating disorder phase (which wasn’t unlike him). Instead, he was dying. He was in pain. This tumor was inoperable. Taking it out would have left him a vegetable hooked to machines. I knew this guy. He would rather die than exist in such an oppressive state. He shot himself to spare his parents the agony of watching him turn into a suffering skeleton that shit and pissed himself. He wanted them to remember him as he was, before the tumor took his mind. If I wanted to tie in any sort of “lesson” his death taught me, then I would say, with absolute certainty, that this was meant to teach me that sometimes suicide isn’t all bad. That’s because not everything is so cut and dry. Universal laws have limitations. Fundamentally, they are flawed because they cannot account for exceptions. And that, in itself, showed me that many of these insane “rules” created by certain belief systems were created out of limited perception, as opposed to something of infinite intelligence.

    I’m not upset that one of my best friends died. I don’t blame him one bit. I’m glad he took matters into his own hands and gave the middle finger to society’s tendency to avoid difficult circumstances. I’m glad he chose not to be made to suffer unnecessarily by being pressured into enduring a slow, agonizing death simply because some people believe you must avoid death at all costs. They are imposing their fear of death onto people in similar circumstances. I am here to say: Sometimes, the body craps out on you and you gotta call it a day. Maybe you start over. I see him reincarnating. He loved this life. He wanted to do so much. Me? Fk. I’m burned out. I have been through more than most people will in this one lifetime alone. If I do ever come back, it’s going to be a very long time and only once the people of this world stop putting money and profit over human lives. My desire lingers somewhere between complete obliteration and merging back into source. I can’t do that with a busted brain. (btw, I have a brain injury). I’ve been unable to feel emotions or meditate since I came back because that encounter (death) caused come damage to portions of my brain. I do have doctors doing their best. But I have already decided life is not worth it if you can’t bleed, cry or feel love or joy. You’re just a robot. You lose all sense of direction or purpose without emotions and the ability to bond. When you’ve had your very humanity taken from you, then you have two options:

    1: You hope the doctors can find a cure or time will give you back your ability to meditate and feel emotions.

    2: You retire the body and get another one with a new brain.

    Maybe 3: You rest as long as you need to and heal the wounds that cause you to fear reincarnation so that you eventually do come back. But no one is forced to return if they are so broken they adamantly refuse to incarnate. That’s torture. It makes a lot more sense that the spirit get help and heal on the other side, getting as much rest as they need and then maybe taking on an easier life and slowly working up to the more challenging lives again. Life can be seen as a school while all data of all lives is stored in the cloud server of the higher self, but unlike Earth, nothing is “mandatory”. When I wrote my piece about what happens to the ego when it’s dissolved, I explain why. It makes more sense, too.

  6. Oh, I see the subtext of this reply. “I don’t think you’re worth the time and energy you spent expressing your opinion and reply within this discussion so here, I’ll leave you with a reminder of your dead friend.”

    Find more creative ways to hide your middle finger.

    You aren’t sorry. And he’s not been forced against his will to return. New Age philosophy is a massive lie from false sources and misinterpreted ancient eastern religions, promotes toxic bypassing and needs to be snuffed out. People in need of help get pushed over the edge with this kind of belief system. I’ve been the one to have to clean up the mess. You THINK you’re helping other people but you’re just making them feel more lost, hopeless and disillusioned. This is the religion of the privileged. No sane, disadvantaged human being with an once of (self)compassion would vibe with this. Sadly, I have seen too many become brainwashed into believing it. I go out of my way to undo it. I have been working on my own website designed to free people from the shackles of all this nonsense and give them back their sovereignty, as much as their cognitive state will allow. Sites like yours are fuel for this. Maybe my “soul contract” is to tell people there’s no such thing.

  7. Please don’t spend time adding subtext to my reply. You made a comment on an article published [before I worked for The Edge] and I tried to interact. You didn’t appreciate my feedback, so I gave some honest sympathy for the situation and moved on with my day. I’m not the enemy. If I was, I would have blocked this exchange from appearing on the site. Have a wonderful day with optimal outcomes. Sincerely.


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