Merkaba: The Process with Michele Mayama


True Co-Creation with the Universal Creative Force

Please begin to acquaint us with the merkaba. 
Michele Mayama:
About three years ago began to explore the merkaba. The Spirit Beings that guide my soul taught me a process to begin to experience and gradually learn to use that energy field. The process involves spinning two vortices of energy, one connected to Source which comes from above, and the other is sourced in the Earth. The two merge, rather like conception where two DNA signatures join and form a new life within our bodies. In my experience, it seems to assist people to sustain empowering new frequencies of consciousness in their bodies. That leads to greater creativity, or true co-creation with the Universal Creative Force. We become that Source of creation through the process.

In August, I was tuning in to Spirit and asking what exercises might be appropriate for people to learn to assist themselves in their evolution of consciousness. I heard that it was time to begin to talk about and to assist people to understand the light merkaba as it is activating in the body. I was a little surprised by the request, but they said there were enough people with sufficient preparation ready to experience this process and grow with it.

So what exactly is a merkaba?
Mayama: The word comes from Hebrew. It means chariot or vehicle. I found out from a Jewish man who inquired about my license plate (it says merkaba) that the Israelis have a tank named “merkaba. This is definitely not the one I’m talking about!

In esoteric circles, merkaba is sometimes referred to as a vehicle of light that can move interdimensionally. I experience it as rotating vortices of energy, that when merged create a pulsing, fluid, alive matrix of the energy of Source embodied. Our light bodies have used this vehicle before, so it is not unfamiliar to us at some level of our being. The experience of the person who is activating this vehicle is to have more access to their own multidimensional nature, as well as a sense of oneness with the creative force.

What I am sharing is what has been taught to me by my guidance and comes from my own experience, so I continue to learn more about this process each time I engage it. Most of us haven’t had the capacity to support this energy very well in our bodies until recently. Now, with increasing capacity to sustain higher frequencies, I feel many of us will learn much more about it and be able to articulate it better and then begin to share our experiences. I’m only initiating what I hope will be an ongoing dialogue.

Can you describe the experience?
Mayama: When I do this process I feel like I become a sun, or source. The energy pulses out of my center and expands out in seemingly infinite directions and dimensions. It feels sourced within me, not something external. It feels unified within my structure of consciousness and my body as if there is a powerful generating source of energy emanating from within me and I feel as if I am this energy field. It does not feel external to me. It is me, and I am all of that which I touch and experience as it expands out.

I know it to be very healing of the body. Assisting the body to move into the new frequencies and to sustain within it frequencies of pure creation shifts the lower frequency aspects of consciousness manifesting in physical distress, imbalance, or pain.

Why is this information surfacing now?
Mayama: Well, in some ways it is what’s next for many who are ready for another step in their process. Earth is shifting to a higher frequency and our bodies are shifting in response. In fact, she has already activated her merkaba and the whole of nature is vibrating at a higher rate than much of human consciousness. We are being assisted by Beings of Light and Nature to catch up, so to speak. As we open, heal, and clear all of our energy centers, or chakras, choosing to release any distortions or adaptations that we have inherited or that have occurred during our lifetimes, we begin to cellularly transmute to higher frequencies.

The purpose of evolution as I see it is to become one with Source, to become the consciousness of Creator within creation, to fully embody our higher self and activate its latent potential. I believe Jesus, or Jeshua as he was known, was a prototype, one who came first and illustrated the power of this Source within a human form of matter. What were called miracles were applications of this energy field, illustrating Source or Creator within creation. He merged heaven and earth within him. He was the first fruit of the two becoming One, his father of Spirit, Source, and his mother of human nature, of Earth.

We are also such children, the evolutionary fruits of a Father Source of love, light, intention, will, wisdom, right order, perfection, action, and truth whose emanation created itself as the universe, and a Mother planet of matter whose consciousness illustrates the Feminine attributes of compassion, beauty abundance, creativity, receptivity, feeling, sensory experience, and lifeforce. We are being “born again” as he taught, of the Spirit directly and of the Earth directly as we clear our karmic illusory patterning from our bodies of consciousness.

As I understand the merkaba, this kind of light body has been activated in other dimensions, other planetary experiences, but never fully wedded to matter to the degree that it is being united now within an emotional/physical consciousness. That’s us!

Would you say more about that merging?
Mayama: I believe it’s at the heart, or at least a necessary part of the culmination of the plan for earth. The plan of God as it partners with Earth, I believe, is a completion of an intention for Source to descend in frequency and merge within matter to such a degree that a new energy, a new experience of the Creator walking within creation as conscious creator is birthed. That has been part of an overall design for this particular planetary experience.

So this is at least in part where we’re headed?
Mayama: Yes, and we’re headed there collectively. We’re not doing this alone. One person activating this energy field is wonderful for them, but it takes many people to come to these frequencies and marry the two and become this Source walking within creation to then co-create that Divine intention in a multitude of ways within matter.

My sense is that this merkaba process is a prelude to a greater unification yet to occur, perhaps later yet in these next few years. Enough people need to have these energy fields sustainable within their body before that can happen.

You’ve spoken of matter several times. Yet, the material world seems to often be forgotten in spiritual quests, or even named as something bad. 
Mayama: Matter itself is not to blame. It is merely a structure of consciousness with frequency. So matter that has been crystallized by thought forms, illusions of separation and compensating patterns, some of them very old in consciousness, are slower, denser frequencies and they are experienced as pain, disharmony, disease, loneliness, worry, shame, anger, fear, etc.

Realize what matter is. It is a manifestation of the feminine principle of creation. You only need to look at what has happened to the feminine in our collective experience to understand how we got turned away from the physical. It was made “bad’ and then coveted, by almost every institutionalized structure we have known. Reconnecting with this planetary body is the key to what is happening here. The resurgence of respect for the feminine attributes and the focus on goddess, the body, and the earth is a clue for where we need to turn our attention right now.

So our spiritual seeking has been missing something? 
Mayama: I believe that much of the focus on spirit has assisted us to open and clear the upper chakras, as well as connect to higher self and light body, etc., but that what we need to do to balance this focus is come into relationship with the earth as the second half of the equation. The earth is matter and matter is consciousness, as well. It’s the Divine consciousness animating itself within a matrix.

I believe Divine love manifested itself here as earth to birth a consciousness that was able to be the vehicle or the bridge between pure Source/light, and pure matter, the matrix that channels that light into physical form. The Creator desires to experience itself in matter. This is a fluid planet, it’s a water planet. It’s composed of liquid and mineral and our bodies are liquid and mineral, and mineral holds charges. The atoms within the mineral kingdom are composed in such a way to magnetically hold a charge. Our bodies need to have enough minerals and enough mineralization to hold a greater charge in our auric field. To sustain these higher frequency vehicles, or charges, our bodies need to get healthy, strong and be very connected to the Earth consciousness and the mineral content of the planet.

People have become more aware of the importance of minerals in their diets. Gem and mineral essences are being made to facilitate energy shifts within the body. Why is the focus there? It’s to assist the body to become the second half of the equation for this merger to for take place.

It seems to me from what you’re saying that we’re not intended to leave form and become light, but in fact, just the opposite: to bring light into form. 
Mayama: Well, that’s what I’m about. My intention is to be here, to fully embody my multi-dimensional nature within matter and to fully experience the potential of what that means here in a matter body in a planet that can create experientially all of the facets and qualities of God/dess in form…where we can joyfully delight in our creative capacities to manifest love and beauty in all of its infinite variety. This planet is an extraordinary consciousness that was designed by the Source to be the vehicle, to be the Mother for this completion or fulfillment of the intention of Universal Source to merge within the consciousness of its own creation. To experience itself and to not be separate. To no longer be alone.

I like to ask the question, “Why have a body?” Why has there been this long evolution on the earth plane to create consciousness within human form that can be conscious of itself, be conscious of a source of energy that is Love, can experience love, can express joy, can create and know the joy and fulfillment of creating what is uniquely yours to contribute to the whole? Why have this experience in body if it isn’t capable of evolving capacities that are a union of the spiritual dimensions with our physical/sensory capacity to experience it within a matrix of aliveness? A matrix of extraordinary aliveness.

Are you talking about ascension?
Mayama: There does not seem to be a common understanding of ascension right now, so people are confused, I tend to avoid the word for that reason. I believe Jeshua demonstrated through the resurrection his mastery of death and as a result was able to move his physical body multi-dimensionally. This process of raising frequency within our bodies in cooperation with our planetary Mother, while simultaneously receiving a descent of pure Source emanation leads to mastery of those areas of consciousness we have been using for the education and honing of our Solar nature, death being one of the big Teachers.

There are predictions within different traditions, but I prefer to think we don’t know it all and that we’re on an adventure together. A collective adventure. And it is probably beyond our capacity to translate it into words anyway. But we get ready for this event by choosing love and joy, by raising our own frequencies, transmuting the levels of density within our consciousnesses, creating a healthy energy system and a healthy body to be the vehicle for this energy marriage within us that then allows us to fully embody our Christ self within matter, within these bodies, and become conscious Creator within creation. Maybe then we can together co-create a healthy, joyful, planetary community.

Not just to have a dream, but to live it.
Mayama: To be the dreamer within the dream and experience what is dreamed consciously and create it consciously. I believe this merkaba process is key to a fascinating fusion of the unique qualities that each person is within universal consciousness. Your body is unique, your consciousness within your body is unique, your qualities of soul are unique, how you have brought all of your facets and pieces together is unique, and yet the merger is with a universal consciousness within which all uniqueness is expressed in exquisite aliveness. I’m in awe just touching the tip of this awareness with my imagination.

You mentioned earlier that your guidance said there were enough people with preparation who can now receive and utilize this information. What kind of preparation are you talking about and what do people need to know as far as determining where they’re at in this process?
There are some basics that I believe are necessary before this will work for people. One is that people need to have nine healthy functioning chakras including the Solar logos about 8 inches above the head sometimes referred to as the higher self chakra, and the one that is about 8 inches below the feet which is called the Earth star, or the earth chakra, which connects the human nature of the body with the consciousness of the earth directly. Then there is a linkage through those chakras to both the center of the Earth from the Earth chakra and from the Higher Self chakra to Source. So there is a direct core alignment.

When I look at people in my healing practice, one of the first things I do is a diagnostic to see whether or not these nine chakras are open and functional. In many people, the chakras have adapted themselves over a lifetime or lifetimes or have been injured, collapsed, are off center, or in some other way compromised. Such dysfunction can make it difficult for a soul to be in the body or engaged in life, So first it’s important that your chakra system, your energy system be healthy, that its working, balanced and aligned with both Source and Earth.

Many people have been working to open the heart chakra and the higher centers, but the last year or two has focused many people upon healing the lower chakras, clearing them, and restoring health and function to the chakras, as well as to the body. If the energy has been adapted or compromised or there’s a lack of flow through one of the major energy centers, then often there is a physical symptom or illness that results in that area of the body. People have different kinds of healing modalities that they’ve used to work with healing their energy body and their physical body.

I believe there are more and more people who are now ready because of that work to actively and consciously utilize this information. If there is yet some concern about whether or not the energy system is healthy, then it’s good to have that checked out, just like you might have a physical before you attempt to climb a mountain or start a new exercise program. I feel people need to use common sense and tune in to see whether they are ready to begin to use this practice, or if they need to complete some other preliminary steps first. I am offering to teach it in group experiences and will do some chakra healing and alignment work before doing the actual activation process.

What would happen to someone who is not well prepared? 
Mayama: Well, it wouldn’t work for one thing. If the chakras are not able to bring energy through them in a balanced way, then the energy field will not generate sufficient speed to make a connection. If a person is moderately prepared and is able to open and generate the energy fields sourced above and below, they will initiate the pumping action, which is the initial phase of the merkaba. Oftentimes people have a very real experience of empowerment as this is activated. Some people find amazing abilities to perceive interdimensionally. They can’t hold it very long, because the chakra energy system isn’t strong enough yet to sustain it for a long period of time.

If there are yet areas to “clean out,” areas of density, those things will begin to more rapidly come to consciousness to be processed out and released. With processing tools, things can move rather rapidly, and I tell people to slow down if they begin to process more than they can integrate. So a person might start slowly, once a week and then increase frequency as the capacity to sustain the energy increases in the body.

Have we activated the merkaba in bodies in previous times? 
Mayama: I believe that this is part of a mystical science that was once taught in mystery schools and many people may have learned it in previous lifetimes. But there weren’t sufficient numbers of people on the planet.

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