Angelic Messenges of Love with Nick Bunick


On January 14, 1995, when angels intervened in the life of Nick Bunick, he was a high-profile businessman, owner of several corporations and on the board of directors of others, two of which are publicly traded on the stock market. Nick Bunick is the subject matter of the best-selling book The Messengers and the author of In God’s Truth.

After the angels’ intervention, Nick placed this behind him. Now his only business activity is as founder and president of The Great Tomorrow, a non-profit corporation committed to spiritual and humanitarian activities. He currently conducts spiritual symposiums throughout the country and publishes a monthly newsletter. He has appeared on many national television and radio shows. He will be a key presenter at Whole Life Expo, speaking at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 11 in Room 103B.

You are a successful businessman. Only a person with deep conviction would come out into the open claiming to be St. Paul. Was it a difficult choice for you?
Nick Bunick: It was tremendously difficult and took many years to finally cross the threshold. I have to acknowledge to you that there was a time when I did not have the courage to do that, as I knew it would make a major impact on my life and the members of my family. Once I made the commitment, I prayed to God every night and every morning to give me the courage and the confidence to pursue my calling.

Can you tell us about a major experience that turned your life around, moving from corporate America to being a messenger?
Bunick: Prior to January 14, 1995, I did not believe in angels. I thought that angels belonged in the same box as a tooth fairy and an Easter bunny. The major turning point in my life was when I had the first of many angelic experiences. This is when I made a commitment to pursue what I believed was my life’s purpose.

Do you feel that Christianity in its present form is misrepresented. If so, what would you like people to know that is of primary importance in terms of what happened 2,000 years ago?
Bunick: Unfortunately, in the 4th century AD, Constantine the Emperor of Rome, the first to embrace Christianity, created the pre-medieval Roman Church. He authorized many changes to the original teachings of Jesus and Paul. Teachings of love were changed to fear. Teachings of compassion were changed to guilt. The original teachings were turned around to polarize people causing prejudices and bigotry instead of bringing us together in love as brothers and sisters. I truly believe with all my heart and soul that the teachings of Jesus 2,000 years ago were totally committed to embracing universal love and universal compassion and not to have fear and guilt, instead to enjoy the journey we are on to become one with God.

I believe the motive for the Church was to control the masses through fear. That is why they created the punishing God concept and the concept of hell, and the concept of a supernatural evil power that would take over your life if you were not committed to being a member of the church.

People believe that Paul was a controlling individual and had a great dislike for women. What is your take on that?
Bunick: Just the opposite of that. This is what Paul referred to as weakness of the flesh and thorn on the side. If you read the letters of Paul that he wrote to the Romans, Corinthians and Hebrews, in all these letters in the very last paragraph, he thanks all those people he put in positions of responsibility in that community for their work and effort. In every case there are as many women as there are men.

What actually happened was because of events that were happening in the church that he founded. He created a ruling that if a man was married, the husband and wife should have fidelity towards each other. If they were not married, the person who was the administrator of his church should be celibate. Alternatively, if the administrator felt that he could not be celibate and became involved with a woman, then he was to marry the woman.

The church decided 400 years later to enforce celibacy for all priests and not give women positions of responsibility. They felt that with all the wealth in the church, if priests married, they would leave their estates to their children and their wives. This was not the way Paul conducted his ministry. The concept of celibacy was not what Paul created. The church itself created the whole concept of celibacy and left women out of the church.

Why did Paul never marry?
Bunick: Paul cared deeply for a lady whose name was Leah. Since he traveled extensively, he felt that it would be unwise for him to have a wife and family. It was a decision he made deliberately, knowing that he could not provide the responsibilities of a marriage contract in those times.

There is a movie in the making about your life. When will that be out?
Bunick: A screen script has been written. The movie will be called The Messengers. We are currently talking to Anthony Hopkins about the possibility of playing my part. The intention is to film the movie at the latter part of this year and early next year. It should be out in the year 2,000. Portions of the film will be shot in Hollywood and Portland, Ore. The biblical scenes and the regressions will be filmed in Morocco.

We have agreed not to do a Hollywood version of the story, but to keep it very original and truthful to my actual experiences. The most important thing that I wish for is that when people walk out of the theater, they would have had journeyed with me through my experiences and would also feel a great spiritual awakening.

You have a monthly newsletter plus study groups throughout the country for people to share their experiences. Has this been a real success story?
Bunick: We now have more than 150 study groups all over the country and it is growing every week. We have had wonderful stories from people about their experiences and about their growth and understanding from being with study groups. [To subscribe to the newsletter and to join a study group, write to: The Great Tomorrow, P.O. Box 2222, Lake Oswego, OR 97035.]

For our readers, what would you like to share with them to inspire love, joy and hope in their lives?
Bunick: It is important for people to realize that as we get to the new millennium, we are not getting to the end of the world but to a new beginning, where the major emphasis will be on universal love and compassion. We can all be a part of this by manifesting God’s love and compassion to all the people that we come in contact with. I invite you all to come to my spiritual symposium at Whole Life Expo. The last 25 minutes will be dedicated to a spiritual healing, and this has made a major impact on people’s lives all across the country.



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