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Often in readings I get people asking about past lives. With this month’s focus on learning, I thought I would expand upon this and how we can access that information for our growth. It might give you some insight into how I approach growth myself — certainly a new approach for many!

But first it’s necessary to talk about some of how I view this subject. Please take this in as my opinion and my experience, not TRUTH in capital letters, for you might find your exploration yields variations of what I will present.

1. Time is not linear.

When you are IN the focus of this lifetime, you exist in a state of awareness that I call a time/space continuum. It’s sort of like a fabric, where there is a beginning, present and future. It’s linear.

You expand beyond this regularly. In sleep, you place less awareness here; the body rests, and the Greater You travels.
There are dimensions where time and space do not exist. An advanced journey I teach TAKES people outside of time and space to view it “in total.” This IS possible. A great deal of perspective can be achieved. There are many ways to accelerate your growth.

The past and the future exist AT ONCE. One is not necessarily more easily seen than the other is, except we like to look backwards; many people simply think the future hasn’t happened yet. This is not true. The past and future extend outward from the present. They are both mutable and changeable.

This topic is more complex than I can address here. All that truly exists is the NOW, and I can give you an example of how it works. If you have an issue with a parent — and through counseling or whatever means, you resolve that energy — often you will find your relationship different. YOU hold onto memories of things you think happened, so that constantly recreates the past. But the change you made DID affect it, and your parent probably will respond differently to you. At the very least, the cords into the solar plexus are released.

When you look at a “past life,” you are seeing the construct of the present in another area of the web of time and space. (Orin, channeled by Sanaya Roman, calls it “frozen time.”) We border on a topic called probable futures, and you can look into the Seth material (channeled by Jane Roberts) for more information on that. [Basically, every choice you make exists, and you only choose to follow along one of them. The immensity of that is staggering to contemplate if you haven’t been exposed to it before.]

Many “pasts” and “futures” extend outward from NOW. So a “past life” you encountered 10 years ago may or may not exist in the same way now.

It’s NOT linear. And the concept that you come from one lifetime, learn, and go to another is erroneous. That’s sequential.

2. Your Soul is multi-dimensional.

The concept of the Soul is a big topic and I cannot believe I’m going to try to tackle it in a paragraph, but here goes:
Your Soul seeks to learn, looking to acquire different qualities. A quality, such as compassion, is desired. So the Soul extends outward in many directions (lifetimes/states of beingness) to understand. Some of those are the “need” for compassion; some are opportunities to extend compassion to others. But essentially the sheer number of lifetimes from one “Soul” is beyond comprehension. Again, they are not linear.

So, you may be an extension of that Soul-desire. Keep in mind, we are grossly simplifying the Soul’s intent. Regular travel into Soul consciousness brings its own learning and accelerated growth path.

You go into a “past life regression” state to “see” what you supposedly have been before. Only it’s NOT before. It’s now. The energy you connect with is more appropriately described as an alternate lifetime. You are always YOU. You “see” an extension of your Soul, but more a “sister/brother” sort of consciousness. You emanate from the same Soul, so there are marked similarities. You will probably find a lifetime with similar desire intents, so the “feeling” is quite similar, as well. But that lifetime is NOT you, and it never has been.

But you ARE connected, in more ways than I can describe. If you fall and break your leg, that lifetime (and many!) will stumble and hurt their leg, as well, often not as severely. You have impact and they impact you. This might be called bleed-through.
3. You can learn from other lifetimes.

Even though this is not as “romantic” a concept as some people like, it’s a far more accurate template of understanding in my experience.

You are NOT the victim of a past life — not in any way.

So how do you use this information? Go into meditation or however you access other lifetimes. Immerse yourself in that consciousness as completely as you can. This can happen as energy and take no time whatsoever. Share what YOU know, and gain what they are learning more consciously. You accelerate your growth and that of what I would rather call your alternate Soul consciousness.

For example, if you find a lifetime in a military environment and you can grasp the strategic concepts known by that alternate life, you can apply that to this lifetime. Those same constructs apply to creating a business plan and playing chess.
Usually you will encounter lifetimes that have very familiar FEELINGS, but markedly different outward circumstances.
One of my first experiences was finding a lifetime where I was the head of a village of nomadic people. It was very cold, and I had dogs, just as I do now. I was VERY close to them, far more than the humans that I was responsible for in this lifetime. What was so starkly apparent though was that I felt the same loneliness that leadership gives in any situation. Inherent in being a leader is the sense of being ahead of others, and thus alone.

What I learned was that the dogs were FAR more conscious than I had imagined. Psychic, if you will.

From that experience, I eventually explored other lifetimes with animal connections. My experience of some of the Native American tribes and their ability to KNOW what every animal feels as we all walked through the night was astonishing. There was simply no separation! The deer in her trepidation and the mountain lion getting ready to pounce were ALL ONE. I felt each of them in the same way you might know the sensation of an arm or leg in your body. Seamless awareness! To FEEL the eagle soar is so thrilling I simply cannot find words for it.

I’m doing quite a bit of work in this lifetime on the evolution of animal consciousness, so these ventures have served me well.
So that begs the question: What do you really want to know? Chances are you will find an alternate self that has similar interests, as you are both extensions of a greater consciousness!

If you have any trouble doing this in conscious meditation, ask for your Soul’s help, or ask to have it occur as you sleep. Then wake up slowly each day and see what you remember. Realize that as you exceed the outside parameter of your awareness in ANY area, you open the possibility to do that in any OTHER arena, as well. So stay flexible and open to learning in new ways!
Have fun, learn, and grow together with the Greater Soul self!

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