Learning to Remember the Way Home: Random Sparks of Light


Question always.
Established truths have been proven wrong.
And possibly, you may require different answers.

If you are reading this you are ready to remember who you are…. The question is, how will you allow yourself to do that? My learning comes from dimensions that are beyond language. It is a quantum world and impossible to translate, but I can give you a framework that will allow you to fill in the blanks. My concern is not that you comprehend my definition, rather, that I give you enough ingredients to create your own.

Give yourself permission now to remember the pre-birth moment of soul when you were engulfed in the bliss of oneness and fully aware of the great leap you were taking to become part of the physical realm. You were supremely confident in your ability to find your way out of the veil of illusion…. Now let’s begin.

The baby blinks and the “One” is no more. The sudden awareness of separation from wholeness precipitates a cry of astonishment and dis-ease. The soul, not fully immersed within its physical shell, but now enmeshed within the veil might inquire, “What is this I have gotten myself into?” Then the part that has agreed to the journey assumes the cloak of amnesia and falls asleep, soon to become hypnotized by a world where a great majority of humans are in lock step, and all else appears to be on auto-pilot. That is the beauty of illusion.

Days, weeks, months, years pass, and the child grows to be acclimated or assimilated into his/her community where he/she reforms and conforms to the specific mold required by popular opinion. This is socialization, and very much necessary as a framework or a foundation, but it is only one particular shade and not necessarily meant to be worn as cement boots for the duration of the journey.

One day, an awakening begins. Too many questions beg new answers. The old ones don’t fit. What to do to reconcile this awareness? The choice will shape the temporal character, mold the soul, and inevitably, illuminate the spark of spirit. A decision is required. Is it best to wear answers now deemed inadequate or to determine new answers? Either path requires a major expenditure of energy.

To continue to weave the fabric of illusion is a non-stop process, as one becomes aware of the constant need to mend the growing holes in the framework. Yet, exploring the foreign realm of thought and idea without a map is terrifying. It is a realm where no thing becomes every thing and one continually has to weave a new net to get from idea to spark and back again. One has to create a new framework without a blueprint.

In the dimension beyond the physical, where thoughts are born, one can determine if and how they will manifest. Indeed it is the realm of creation, our true home.

To choose to awaken to the unfamiliar requires that we trust heart or the “One” to guide and protect us. If so, then the process can be one of unfoldment of our true spirit nature. The soul is an extension, or expression, of that light. And our definition of soul merely touches the surface. The soul is akin to the alphabet. While we are here working in the illusion, our comprehension of the soul is the equivalent of the letter “A.” That is not to say we are stupid, rather, it is not within our particular hard drive to compute the soul program at this time.

As spirit, we are unique and beautiful sparks. Like a snowflake, no blueprint is required. And the cool thing is, no matter how much any of us ever “knows” while we are here, we are all clueless. The point is actually acceptance. We are to each accept and work with each other to define whatever it is that leads us back to the “One.”
Apparently, we are planning to get a big laugh about this “clueless” part when we return home to discuss our journey. (“What? They wrote a book about how smart you were? Ha! Oh, you wrote a book about how smart you were! That’s even better….!!!!”)

How to do this unfoldment is like asking the rose whether it focuses on the birth of a bud. It is a natural outgrowth of the evolution of soul. Of light and sound, the determination of the outcome is what we choose to ingest. Thoughts become manifest and we wear them like a garment. They cloak our physical form and our light-body form and encase us with invisible leaves, buds, and thorns. Some are for adornment, others for protection, and others…just because they are part of the rose. Another great thing about the realm of creation, not everything requires an explanation…. It simply is.
Our choice is to either assume the prefabricated tapestry prepared by those who came before us or to weave an entirely new section of the web. A daunting task. Can we shake the veil of illusion long enough to claim our true identity? Can we turn the tables to realize that we are the dream dreaming the dreamer? We can if we believe it. I don’t need to tell you how. You already know. It’s up to you to remember.

Remembering what you have come to do doesn’t make it easier, but it certainly becomes more interesting. Your ability to awaken will influence others around you, and so on, and so on, for the awakening changes the resonance and that changes the color of your output, the texture of your thread, the quality of your weaving and the tone of your interactions.

Every path offers a lesson. That’s how we learn. You are here to make an impact. So choose now to help yourself remember who you are and what you have come to do or give yourself permission to act as if you already know and have been holding back. It matters not whether your assignment is simple or complex, it is valuable. Ask that you remember only what is for your highest good so as not to overwhelm yourself with details. After you feel comfortable with the process, help others as well. In so doing, you help yourself, and you help us all. Thank you for your light.

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Wendy Garrett
Wendy Garrett is a writer and a channel, among other things. When life offers a wake-up call, transformation is an understatement. Email her. Copyright (c) 2001 Wendy Garrett


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