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The scene was Indianapolis and the event was a Kryon channeling with Lee Carroll, about five years ago. I happened to chat with Geoffrey Hoppe, who was coordinating the event and also served as editor of Kryon Quarterly, a periodical that kept a connection with the growing legions interested in Kryon. At that time, word about Kryon’s message was catching on nationally, and it was inspiring to hear the peaceful message in person.
Surprisingly, Geoffrey Hoppe’s name surfaced some time ago through a random e-mail that praised his work with the Tobias channelings. It was not until a respected friend recently urged me to take a closer look at Hoppe’s work that I began delving more deeply into the material. Meanwhile, Hoppe has scheduled a visit to Lake Harriet SpiritualCommunityin Minneapolis in August. Things seemed to be dovetailing together.
In advance of his visit to Minneapolis on August 11 at Lake Harriet SpiritualCommunity, I conducted this brief interview with Hoppe by e-mail.

How long have you been channeling and why was it something you wanted to continue doing?
Geoffrey Hoppe: Tobias “appeared” to me about five years ago on an airplane flight. At the time I was a marketing executive with an aerospace company I co-founded. I was also working with Lee Carroll, the channeler for Kryon, so I was familiar with things like talking to guides and channeling.
Tobias and I talked between each other for about a year. Then one day, he asked me to call some people I knew for a private reading. He had a message for them. I had never channeled prior to this. The session was choppy and it was difficult to translate Tobias’ words, but the message was so powerful and accurate that I continued on the path. For the next two years I teamed with a psychologist in Boulder to facilitate clients using conventional psychological treatment, as well as channeled material.
The first “group” channel was in early 1999 at a dinner party with local friends. There were about 12 of us who got together every month to share what was going on in our lives. They asked me to channel after dinner. I was nervous about channeling in front of a group, but Tobias came through loud and clear. The small group of friends quickly grew as more people learned about the Tobias channels. Within a couple of months we had to rent a smallcommunitycenter to hold everyone.
When we put up our website ( in early 2000, the work soon began attracting an international audience. Today we have about 300 people attend each monthly meeting in the Denver area, and the website has more than 1,200 visitors each day.
I never dreamed this work would reach so many people. It took on a life of its own. Right now I’m just following my divinity, and doing what Tobias suggests in Lesson Nine: Dance With What Comes to Your Front Door. Each day brings a new blessing. I’ve learned to live in the Now and not worry about the past or future.

What can you tell us about Tobias?
Hoppe: First of all, the word “channeling” is rather limiting. It suggests a one-way path. Tobias and I talk back and forth. Tobias also says he is channeling us, rather than me channeling him. He puts into words what we are all experiencing in our lives, and this provides a new perspective.
Channeling also suggests something “special” that requires a unique gift. Talking to entities on the other side of the veil is something everyone can do. You do it every night in your sleep. You hear celestial chatter throughout the day, but you haven’t quite learned how to discern angelic talk from you own head talk. With a bit of training and practice, it’s really very easy. “Channeling” is the acknowledged term in the New Age, but it’s really just talking to dead people J
About six months after I began talking to Tobias, I learned about his historical past. He comes from the biblical story of the Book of Tobit. The story is in the “Lost Books” of the Bible known as the Apocrypha. Tobias Sr. was a Jewish businessman who lost his eyesight. He sent his son, Tobias Jr., to a far-off village to collect monies that were due to him from another businessman. The story focuses on the adventures of Tobias Jr., who was accompanied on his journey by a disguised Archangel Raphael. Along the way, Tobias is nearly eaten by a large fish, marries a woman by the name of Sarah, wards off the devil on their wedding night, and returns home with his father’s money. Of course, Tobias says it’s a nice story, but that it certainly has been embellished by humans over the years.

What is the purpose of Tobias sharing this information through you?
Hoppe: Tobias told me we had a very old agreement. If humans made it past the “marker” without the destruction that could have happened towards the end of the millennium, we would work together to bring information about integrating your divinity. When I look back, I see how the work with Tobias from 1996 to late 1999 got me prepared, then the real work started in August 1999.
Tobias provides practical tools for humans who are crossing the chasm from the old energy into the new. It is the most difficult journey you will ever encounter, and ultimately you must walk it alone, without guides or any others. The Tobias Materials are like a handbook for this process of your awakening divinity. It addresses things like the physical symptoms, the deep unknown sadness, changes in jobs and relationships, the inner desire to go Home, and other issues that are affecting all of us.

Our readers have very busy lives and have so much information to sift through every minute. What does the Tobias information offer that they have not received through other channels?
Hoppe: In a nutshell, The Tobias Materials guide lightworkers through the process of the awakening divinity, then prepare them to be teachers for the others who will make the journey.
Tobias talks about how we left Home and our long journey to this place called Earth. This is important information to help us understand why we are here at this time. And he talks about how our True Self, our angelic self, has not been available to us until now. He says our divinity has been in an energetic “cocoon” until quite recently. Finally, he helps us to understand the process of the awakening divinity.
Lightworkers are being challenged by this process, and The Tobias Materials take us through one step at a time. The Creator Series provides 12 detailed lessons for integrating your divinity. Tobias has stated over and over that humanity will need many teachers for those crossing from the old energy into the new. Ultimately, this work will not only guide lightworkers through their own process, but it will also prepare them to be human guides for the others who will make the journey.

How has the information you have channeled affected your everyday life?
Hoppe: My life is totally different than it was five years ago. I’ve had to walk through the lessons just like everyone else. Tobias told me up front that I wouldn’t get any special compensation and dispensation. He was right. But by applying the information to my life, I’m happier, more peaceful and energetic than ever. I’m 45 years of age and recently retired from the business world. The abundance keeps flowing into my life from places I would never have expected. My relationship of 24 years with my wife Linda is like that of two young lovers, and at the core level I have learned to trust my own divinity.
Five years ago, I was stressed out, juggling money, walled off from Linda and unsure of who I was. Life has changed, but it has required walking through the process on my part.

You will be presenting the Tobias information in Minneapolis in August. What can we expect at the daylong event?
Hoppe: People walk away from the workshops feeling they have connected with Home, connected with fellow lightworkers, and most of all, feeling they learned to connect with themselves. This is by far the most important aspect.
On the practical side, we’ll talk about the key lessons from The Tobias Materials. Things like “Stand Behind the Short Wall,” “The Oven of Grace,” “Create with Broad Strokes” and “Step Into Your Divine Will.” We’ll talk about why your guides left, why prayer doesn’t work now, why you’re going through deep depression and how to handle it, and how you can become a Creator.
It’s an intense, fast-paced workshop that provides real, tangible solutions and tools. I’ll also do a live Tobias channel and lightworkers will be able to ask Tobias questions. Tobias is quite a character, with a great sense of humor. Because he walked in human biology, he has passion and understanding of the human condition. Throughout the day we’ll go from laughter to tears to new awarenesses. As Lee Carroll of the Kryon writing says, “Tobias takes the New Age to a next level…with powerful, practical tools for creating your new reality.” And so it is!

The Tobias Materials, the Minneapolis Workshop will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, August 11, at Lake Harriet SpiritualCommunity, 44th and Upton Avenue S. Minneapolis. For reservations: (612) 486-5870. $75 per person



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