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Universe is love.

This month I want to share some of the September Full Moon channeling that was done days before the hijacking of airliners on the East Coast in hopes that it will shed light upon what is happening for each of us from the higher levels of consciousness.

In August’s Full Moon I was told to “telepathically call” through the inner planes for people who wanted to volunteer to hold some new aspects of energy that would be released into greater consciousness in September.

The August channeling itself was a particularly hard one for me, as the angelic connection was surprisingly strong, both in its power and impact. We were told it was an experiment to see what level of this new kind of softness and energy we were able to hold, and that it would be coming in more strongly in September during the Full Moon and Equinox.

This was hard for me, as there were “warnings” that we had to be particularly gentle with ourselves if we played with this new light. The etheric fields would be more sensitive. I absolutely hate channeling anything that smacks of negativity, even though I knew this information was intended to be helpful. In the process, I started coming back and tried to argue with the guides…a worthless attempt, I can assure you!

The Full Moon in September was a stronger and smoother energy, but contained within it much information and “cryptic” remarks about what might happen from its release into the earth plane. It wasn’t until the planes hit the WTC that all that they said began to make sense.

This was channeled just days before the planes were hijacked.

Channeling doesn’t translate well into written form, so I’ve had to rewrite it to some degree, deleting a lot, but tried to maintain the intentions that were offered during the preamble of the energywork we did that night:

The Channeling
Love is the very substance of the universe. As a whole, there is great confusion about love, as humanity projects it into objects or ways of being that they think will bring them love.

Awakening within the heart is a deep wish to see through the illusions around you into greater truth. Much of our work in the next few months will be to assist you in that process.

This evening will be a process to recharge your systems, to give you a great deal of a new light as a kind of battery or place you can go to refresh your understanding of the power available. Tonight we invite you to look within the very meaning of the Universe, of God, the meaning of your existence, and to find within it the perfect reflection of who you are: That within you is the Divine Spark that knows how to create reality EXACTLY the way you want it.

So, in one way, this is a very powerful place from which to manifest, and beyond that, it’s the place at which you can know love…a way to recharge yourself and to find the beauty of your own Soul that lies within you. And then your journey will be but to discover that beauty in others, and eventually in all aspects of your life.

Please don’t be confused between the giving and receiving of love. All that is needed is simply the experience of love.

Projected love
So often when you are in conflict, know that you have simply projected love outside of yourself, and you have become confused about how you can have it once again.

The greater possibility standing before you now allows the expression of joy into an unbounded way of being.

This energy, in all its power, is reaching into each of you, allowing alignment with your heart and the letting go of limitations you have set around yourself.

You are love, and all you need is the experience of that shared within another aspect of consciousness. The more it reflects outward from you, the more radiance returns.

Often you may have thought you were putting love outward, but essentially that may have been the DESIRE to have love, which is very different from the experience of love itself.

Love is full and complete in itself. The desire to have love necessitates the feeling of not having it.

Look at the course of your life. All expressions of desire have inherently within them a sense of lack; a sense of NOT having something.

This illusion has perpetuated itself to such a degree that the Higher Communities of Light have asked for a distilling energy, a ray of consciousness that can allow you to see through this illusion; that allows the release of all the power you have placed outside of yourself.

So you have available to you now, and are experiencing, a step into power.

Know love
All that is required is for you to become more and more aligned with the Higher Kingdoms, so that you can know love…love of family, friends, pets — all other forms of shared consciousness in your dimension.

It is not about receiving love from outside of you in any way, shape or form.

As you begin to generate and radiate these new levels of light, and as you look at your life as a way to be that energy more and more completely, you have the possibility of assisting in a great shift in awareness for humanity.

Opening before you is the possibility of no longer looking outside to see shifting waves and winds of desire, creating the backlash of understanding and a way to realize how you can have love. This is an inefficient way to learn from an energetic perspective. Putting out love and having it come back so you can then resonate with it is not nearly as efficient as being the prime generator of love.

So in these energies now, the more love and the more joy that you can find in any aspect of life, in every corner of your life, in any waking moment, will begin to magnify and burst forth. Your life can explode into greater possibility.

The Higher Communities of Light feel that humanity is ready to play with power on this level.

A higher command
But we want you to understand that because reality can shift so much faster this way, you will need to learn to have a higher command on your thoughts, and a higher degree of skill and flow of your emotions. Focusing upon negativity will amplify just as quickly.

What is needed is the application of personal will devoted towards the unabashed experience of joy; and to search every corner of your life for the opportunity to experience love.

A whole-hearted pursuit of these higher qualities will create an immense growth both within you, and others.

To assist that, we are going to make this possibility available for the next several weeks. If it goes well and many are able to move into the space of love easily, you will find many shifts and changes within your economy, and in the relationships between the countries and peoples of the Earth.

If it is too much light and if it speeds things up too fast, there may be a backlash in which people are not able to stay in the higher spaces. Then we will allow the earth plane to shift back into a slower space for only a little while for further adjustment. Then a second expansion will occur in December and into January 2002.

So this experiment is for a short period of time and is an opportunity to see how clear you can become and how fast you are willing to change reality.

Ignite within you
To excite the intellectual aspect of your being, we hope knowledge of the rules right now ignites within you the possibility of what can be released; the letting go of many things that have troubled you. This includes all expressions and understanding of karma, into true dharma; the putting out into the world exactly the energy you wish to experience; the ability to find more and more love and have it radiating outward and coming back to you from every aspect of your life.

When you fail to see an opening of love, then you have the opportunity to look into that and find something to love, some aspect of consciousness that is seeking a greater expression of its potential. Focusing upon that small aspect creates an explosion of the potential of love — and a great shift can then occur.

These energies have been building over the past several weeks, and this should make more sense as time unfolds.

You have the potential to play a part in a kind of pendulum swing into joy; to understand that the Universe is ringing with this new kind of light and is only asking to dissipate the heaviness of the astral plane. The challenges of heavy emotion, of moving into pain — and from that pain gaining an understanding of what joy is possible — is a very slow process of growth.

Much easier way
We know you are ready for a much easier way, but it truly does require you to devote yourself to light. You must look for light in every small aspect of your life, and when you find it, watch it accelerate and open. When you are in an uncomfortable or difficult place, you have simply fallen back into the density of the earth plane instead of accepting your role as a lightworker who can shift it. You are simply lost in the illusion of physical or emotional pain. Don’t treat it as real. Reality is simply perception.

Once again, come together in that point and seek the light. Don’t try to deny the pain, because the earth plane has within it a kind of feedback system designed to help you understand. As a whole, consciousness has been beginning to go into the sense of “lack” to such a degree that we wanted to offer an expedient way to break forth.

It is up to you, each of you, to change your life — and from that place the radiance can go outward and ignite others.

So ask your Soul to show you the perfection of a human heart, that place at which humanity can come from if it’s vibrating at its highest potential.

Love beyond desire.

As a child, you knew all possibility stood before you. And it does once again.

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