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From his college days until the early 1990s, Chris LaFontaine was known as a photographer who owned a small chain of retail photofinishing stores. In 1993, he became more visibly active in the global transformation community when he joined with Michele Mayama to facilitate several processes connected with anchoring the new matrix of light into the Twin Cities area.

In 1995, he hosted events that presented the consciousness of the Earth Mother through Michele, which eventually led to a series of earth journeys during 1999 to assist certain cells of the planetary body to shift to new geometries.

Chris, a former Sunday service facilitator at Lake Harriet Community Church in Minneapolis, hosted a community television program in 1997-98 called Another Perspective. However, his focus has since shifted. He now is creating a new radio program called New Earth Radio, in which he hopes to share much of what he and others have learned along the way to creating a new world.

New Earth Radio debuts on November 2 from an AM station in Hastings, Minn. In the Twin Cities area, listen on KDWA 1460 AM. The program airs from 10-11 a.m. Friday mornings repeats the following Monday from 5 to 6 a.m. Due to the limited signal strength of the station in the metro area, you can access a live audio stream over the internet at Audio files of the program also will be posted on the New Earth Radio website.

The following is a brief interview Chris LaFontaine conducted with The EDGE.

Chris, you have begun hosting a weekly radio show. How does its name convey what listeners will hear?
Chris LaFontaine: The intention within the name New Earth Radio is multi-faceted. A primary desire of mine is to focus on the evolution in our physical world, because our planetary experience is where this transformation of consciousness is playing out. There are television and radio shows that offer a spiritual focus, but I want to offer perspectives on the changes that are occurring as the spiritual principles are embodied into life. I also wish to keep Earth as the central element of the theme, because she tends to be the mostly unacknowledged orchestrator of what is taking place here.

The quality of the word “new” also has a double meaning. The first conveys a sense of a show with a fresh viewpoint. The second is of a new creation as an outcome of this transformation process as prophesized in the book of Revelation: “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth has passed away.”

Why do you feel radio is a good medium through which to get your ideas out?
LaFontaine: I like the sense of intimacy that radio offers for talk shows such as this. It’s like having a personal conversation over a cup of coffee. Radio is a powerful medium that can transmit many frequencies carried through the voice, and I think the body can more directly receive levels of communication that don’t make it as easily through the mental distractions often created by video images on television. I also like having the program be accessible in more circumstances such as while driving or walking, as well as having the immediate potential for global distribution through the internet.

What do you hope to offer listeners that they cannot get elsewhere?
LaFontaine: The underlying premise woven through New Earth Radio is that we are in the final stages of a vast and significant transformation of consciousness. This theme is not widely addressed in the media. I may initially choose not to be that direct about it on the program, but it is what I hope to demonstrate through interviews and commentary that support this premise. I’ll offer perspectives on current events from the viewpoint of this kind of change, as well as talking with people who are either bringing something new into the world or perhaps are bringing to light what has been shadowed or less conscious.

The first show will be about the group in the population that has been called the Cultural Creatives — those who are directly facilitating this transformation in some way through their worldview and choices. The second show will be about mercury amalgam poisoning and other dental issues. Future shows will explore energy medicine, the indigo children, monetary system shifts, and countless other areas that open up as we go. Ultimately the show is about what we are becoming, how we’re getting there and what are the choices along the way.

Please give us a sense of who you are and what aspects of yourself will be highlighted in this new endeavor.
LaFontaine: Perhaps like many who may read this, I have gone through a process of coming to self-awareness, primarily since the early 1980s. A life crisis triggered many years of deep, personal healing work, which led to an immersion about a decade ago into several programs of self-development. Those explorations began to re-awaken my capacities for hands-on healing, psychic and intuitive awarenesses, and translating experiences as reflections of changing consciousness. In 1992, another dramatic personal experience propelled me into a process of pretty much completely stepping out of my former life and beginning another.

In my heart, I’m a teacher. I love to share what I’ve grown and learned, especially about this amazing culmination time. I’ve been in a variety of somewhat public positions over the past 20 years, and I’ve also shared my perspectives on life and the larger view with individuals and small groups. However, I’ve never put the two together before. Doing this radio show will be an adventure for me in merging facets of who I am in a new way. My learning curve will be pretty visible, so I proceed with both excitement and a bit of trepidation.

You have been closely involved with Michele Mayama’s channeling of the Earth Mother and the Lightsmith website [] for some time. For those familiar with her work, to what degree will Michele’s input or even presence on the show be present?
LaFontaine: Michele is a very skilled facilitator of the transformation of consciousness. I was very pleased that she agreed to join me on air from time to time to share her expertise with the listeners. She will not have a regular schedule, but I will call on her when it would be helpful. Of course, as my life partner, Michele will also give me suggestions and feedback as this all unfolds. Even though we each have our own new projects in the world, we are also a union and naturally influence each other in what we do. I am continually grateful for her deep integrity and levels of awareness.

As someone sensitive to these changing times, what is your sense of where our collective consciousness is now, and what tips can you offer for those who might be struggling to find peace in their everyday lives?
LaFontaine: My sense is that we’re in a window of time where each person is making a final choice. The choice is whether to continue in fear and polarization in the matrix of duality, or to do the personal work necessary to release from the old structures and step into the new matrix of living light, guided by Love. At some point, which currently feels to me like it is only a few years away, that window closes and the splitting of realities plays itself out to completion. I think we’ll see a lot of new programs and other media forms in the coming months that will be assisting people with this process. New Earth Radio is only one vehicle, and many are being called forth.

To experience peace, first stop struggling. I see peace as a state of being, not as a condition of external circumstances. Peace is found in releasing the fear and illusion of needing control over life. If your focus is to create external peace while you are still bound in duality, you will eventually find that it is not possible in that reality.

You often comment to me about the value of experiencing, rather than intellectualizing, what is taking place. Why is this important, and how can a radio program assist people in that process.
LaFontaine: Experience brings a depth of awareness, which leads to wisdom. Otherwise, something is an idea only, which leads to beliefs. It seems to me that we fight over our beliefs, not over our wisdom. Media may not typically give us our own experiences directly, although it can facilitate a process. New Earth Radio will have its share of information and opinions, but my desire is to also engage in discussions with people who are transitioning into a new world. These discussions can then be guideposts and support for others who may need some new maps to assist them to step into their own experiences.

Any final comments?
LaFontaine: Yes, I have created the New Earth Radio Foundation as one means of support for producing the program. This foundation allows for philanthropic financial giving that is fully tax deductible at the highest levels. I am grateful for those who have been helpful with the creation of New Earth Radio.

For more information, contact Chris LaFontaine at 651.224.4451 or [email protected]


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