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References to the akashic records, or the eternal Book of Life, date back to antiquity. References in the Old Testament and beyond give us the sense that there is a collective storehouse of knowledge that is written on the fabric of reality.

While discussion of akashic records was commonplace in connection with the work of the late “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce, who tapped into this vast storehouse of information to help others, it has not been as prominent in recent times, even within the new agecommunity.

But, that is changing. Donna Fox, who presented one of the most popular free workshops on the topic of akashic records at the recent Edge Life Expo 2001 at the Minneapolis Convention Center, attracting more than 130 people with virtually no pre-publicity, said we’re hearing more about akashic records now because our energy is shifting more toward love.

“Edgar Cayce read the akashic records and then for the longest time it kind of went into hiding,” Fox said in an interview with The EDGE. “It went into hiding because the access to them was being used inappropriately for common greed. Suffice it to say, they were being used inappropriately.

“The planet itself and humanity needed to come up a few notches vibrationally for the information to come forward through the akasha. And now, humanity is really making wonderful strides to incorporate more God love. We are now at a different level and are better able to handle the integrity of the records.”

With the recent terrorism around the globe, Fox said it may seem hard to understand how we’re making strides collectively, but she says we’re learning great lessons through tragedy. “In many cases, those lessons are filled with love even though they might have been or appear to be spawned by hate. I think it’s also important that we know that there is nothing that is not of God — it’s all different vibrations of God.

Fox, a student of noted scholar and researcher Jean Houston, was introduced to the practice of reading the akashic records five years ago. She is now attracting her own students from around the country. She returns to the Twin Cities January 26-27 for a Level One workshop on how to use the Holy Prayer Process to work in the sacred energy of your soul and your akashic records.

What are the Akashic Records, where are they, and why are they important?
Donna Fox:
The akashic records are like the DNA of the universe. They are like the soul’s journey over time, so every thought, word and deed is registered in the akashic records. Each soul has its own akashic record, and there are collective records of all souls or all journeys. The akashic records are very much known like the book of life, for they record past lives, present challenges and purposes for this lifetime, and future probabilities or possibilities. The misnomer is that the future is written in the akashic records. There is only future probability based on lessons learned, based on choices made in this lifetime.

Why is it important to know that there is an akashic record?
The reasons why the akashic records are important to know about and work with is because the akashic records are held in the etheric and they contain and emanate the purest form of love energy that is known on the planet. That is God energy — divine energy. So the idea of knowing about the Akashic Records gives us a sense of our own accountability from a human point of view and a divine accountability, if you will, that is all loving.

For example, when a person learns how to work with the akashic records and she opens up the records, many times she won’t do anything but just sit in the energy, because it’s so loving. The idea of knowing that the records exist helps people understand that there is a rhyme and reason to their own existence.

So it connects them to the divine?
It does connect them to the divine, yes.

How did you come to learn about the akashic records yourself?
Fox: I’ve been working with personal growth types of things for many years, 24 years, I studied with Jean Houston and her mystery schools, Robert Fritz and others who may not be known.

You came to the Akashic Records five years ago?
Yes. I was studying with a healer in Sedona, Ariz., and met a woman who told me about the akashic records. As soon as I heard the word, it was like someone set an alarm clock off in me. I had never heard the word before and yet it was so familiar. I never even knew that Edgar Cayce read the akashic records until after I got into the akashic records.

This woman told me of another woman who was in Chicago and who became my teacher, Chava Leah Lieberman. I had a reading with Chava Leah, and as soon as I had the reading, it was the purest form of information I had ever found.

As long as I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was to talk about God. This information was so profound for me, and it was so right on ,and it was so different from a psychic reading that I thought, “How do I learn how to do this. Please tell me, how can I do this?” It took me two years to get to a workshop, but from then on, I knew it was my life’s work. It came so easily for me. It was like remembering.

That’s what my son said, too. He took it at the same time, and he was 27 at the time. He said, “Gee, this is more like remembering than it is learning!” That’s very true. From that point forward, I went back and forth from my home in Cleveland to study with her in Chicago for about two years, and I was then named a teacher.

The Level One class that you offer helps people to connect with their own akashic records? What is that experience like?
Every workshop is a bit different. Masters, teachers and loved ones of the akashic records take over and what the group needs is what comes through me regarding exercises and experiences. I truly show up and do what I’m told.

The weekend is a wonderful experience of love. What you learn is how to open and access your own akashic records — and you learn how to work with them not only from a spiritual review but from a personal point of view for personal growth. You learn how to work with them to bring forth creativity in everyday life.

How does opening a person’s record help them?
A person who knows how to access their own akashic records can use them daily to help understand more about why their life is going the way it’s going. They can open the records to ask what their next step is in their life. They can ask for insight into a relationship.

We cannot open the records of anyone without their permission. That would be against the integrity of our work. We don’t open the records of anyone under the age of 18, because this is very profound work and up to that age the individual’s path is yet to be set as far as the experiences that will be experienced.

Once you have the ability to open your own records you can ask, for example, to be shown what your partner in relationship is feeling, not by opening their records but from your viewpoint. That gives you a much better understanding of that person. So you would say, “Please show me what so and so is feeling in this situation” so that you can understand and work with them better. Another question would be, “How can I best support them? What do they need from me?” A parent would ask that for their children.

There are three levels of learning with the records. The first level is how to work with your own records. The second level teaches you how to work with somebody else’s records. The third level involves various advanced classes that have to do with releasing blocks, themes and ancestral type of blocks.

In the first level, is there any prerequisite as far as experience people should have in working with meditation or working in the inner realms?
No. The only requirement is to be open and willing to listen. One does not need any special powers to work with the akashic records.

I personally believe that those who are called to the class are the ones who show up. For example, my oldest son and I took the same beginning class together. He had never had any background as far asspiritualityother than that he was raised with me, but it wasn’t like he was into meditation. My youngest son, who was 23 at the time, also didn’t have any experience with meditation and he opened up and went right into it. There was a 13-year-old, two 19-year-olds, a 25-year-old and a 30-year-old in that class, plus us “boomers.”

You think this is a trend that will continue, having younger students?
I hope so, because I know that when young people have the ability to open the akashic records and go in there and feel that love, we can eliminate violence on this plane. Every time somebody opens the records, they are anchoring more love energy. The records’ energy is really meant to be expanded now. The integrity base has raised itself so that we can accept the work of the records. That’s why you’re hearing more and more about it.

What are the differences between a typical psychic reading and an akashic record reading.
Fox: A psychic reading is when the energy comes from the third eye and is peripheral, whether or not the person is reading tarot cards or runes or regular cards or energy or just communicating with angels. They are getting the surface energy of the person, not what drives that person, the core issue. A psychic reading is valuable because it gives you an overall, “What’s happening?” and it is valuable because it is based on free will and choice.

In an akashic record consultation, and we call them that because they are very interactive and we consult with the energy of the records, the energy source is the heart connecting with the mind. It’s like Godcology.

What happens is based on the person’s questions. With those questions, the core issues about what is driving the person to behave the way they are will come forward so he or she can clear and release those blocks or take them to the next level to work with them, whether it be journaling or with a therapist or a shaman. It’s about identifying the blocks and then working to release them. Many times, within the consultation itself, energy is released and blocks are cleared, just because of the love energy.

The process I use involves a holy prayer. The holy prayer is like a vibrational key that opens up a portal, and we are held in that love energy. That’s what makes the energy available.

With the akashic records consultation, there is no interpretation. For example, when I receive information, I tell you exactly what I am seeing or hearing or feeling. I’m not saying, “I think it means this,” because it’s your information. I cannot possibly know what it means.

So you just pass the information on to the clients and they interpret it for themselves.
Fox: Yes. The akashic record consultation is very empowering, because it gives the person all the information he or she needs to make the appropriate choices — and the tools, as well. It never tells them what to do, but gives them the information to make the appropriate choices.

So we’ll be seeing more people providing akashic record consultations in the future?
Hopefully. Right now there are about 20 of us teachers for this particular method or process.

How many methods are there?
Fox: I don’t know. I think there are some people who enter the akashic records spontaneously. And I don’t know that there’s another process that teaches conscious access of the records. I teach conscious access, so you don’t have to be in a trance, and it’s not self-hypnosis. You remember what is going on when you are in your own records.

Is this a process for everybody? Is it something that not everybody would be comfortable with?
I think that we all come from different soul groups. Different people are attracted to different things. Some people are attracted to soul retrieval and other people are attracted to numerology. Different paths for different people. Clearly, I would say the akashic records aren’t for everyone. I will say, though, that for people who resonate with the word akasha, it is definitely for them. Within the actual vibration of the word akasha is the alignment and the vibration to the person’s soul that brings them forward into their work. It can be like a curiosity, like “What’s that about?”

I like the phrase in your brochure that accessing the akashic records teaches how to “create action in our lives instead of reaction.” Why is that important now?
For the longest time, we were told how we were supposed to be, could be, should be. We were reacting. Now we are taking action about who we are. The akashic records really help you take action and create the action to who you came to be. We have these blueprints of what we would like to accomplish and experience. Up to this point, I don’t believe we ever held ourselves accountable. We’ve just taken life as it has come and have reacted to it. What the akashic records show is that you don’t have to react to anything. You can actually make a choice and create your own reality and create your own actions to heal what you need to heal. It’s very empowering.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Akashic Records consultation can be very valuable to a person, not just from a point of view of clarity in the here and now, but from a life coaching point of view. When I work with a client and we begin by opening up the akashic records and find out what their issues are or what core things need to be cleared and balanced and processes come forward, many times there will be referrals for certain people who can help them. It might come through that they need life coaching. That’s something I offer to help someone devise a plan of how to work with a given situation. I don’t need to open a person’s records every time I talk to them to find out what the issues are. Once every three to six months is plenty, and from that point we can work on those issues based on being guided by the akasha on how to work with them.

It also needs to be said that learning how to work with your own akashic records is truly about taking your power back. We all come in with certain blocks that we want to release. The akashic records give us greater insight into those, not to mention that there is a great healing energy that comes from accessing the records. We have the ability to choose grace in all things, and we can override any illusions of separateness from God.

Donna Fox can be contacted at (216) 691-1233 for more information or to register for the Akashic Records Workshop — Level One, on January 26-27 in Minneapolis.

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