It’s Who You Are, Not What


New Age is an intention. It is a way of being. There is no right religion or wrong spiritual practice, because under the umbrella of All That Is, each seeker of a deeper connection with Spirit — whether it’s a path of a Southern Baptist or a Taoist or someone who feels drawn to multiple avenues of spiritual expression — is joined by the One Heart.

Public ridicule of beliefs that are “woo woo” or “too far out” or “not grounded in reality” does not matter in the big picture. Just as a child who is insecure in his own being may put down another child to make himself feel better, there is no measure of accomplishment in deriding new agers or anyone for their chosen path to Spirit.

But what about the crystals, the pendulums, the Tarot cards and the other tools that new agers turn to in search for the Truth? They are nothing more than tools that allow human beings to tap into their higher self, the knowledge contained not only in the ethers, but within our very bones. Acknowledgment of a higher self, a witness who is more closely in contact with Spirit than our ego personality, promotes a desire to bond with that high self, and history records myriad ways to do that, from sitting in the silence to walking on the earth.

And just as the tools of a materialistic man — the yachts, the mansions, the cars and the control — can lead him astray, so too can the tools of the seeker. Indeed, the latest new age guru and the hottest new age author, as well as the latest natural remedy and the hottest prediction for the future, can become diversions that transform clear purposes and intentions into fleeting memories. It is how we integrate the ideas and inspiration of the author or speaker, or integrate the experience gained through a Tarot reading, that means most as we walk down our self-directed path toward Oneness.

It matters not whether you call yourself a new ager — or anything for that matter. What is important is how you walk your path and how you make choices and where you place intentions and how you share the love that you truly are. For if you listen carefully, deep within your being, there is the sound of waves, slowly flowing in and out, getting stronger with each passing heartbeat. These waves are love, and this ever-growing love is making its presence felt in each and every soul. And these waves of love are beginning to grow in force and intensity, a tsunami that soon will crash over every wall we’ve constructed to keep love out and flood our existence with so much light that our ability to remember dark times will be a thing of the past.

I’ve felt this undercurrent of love and I’ve even written about in this space before. But it bears repeating. For every “woo woo” new ager on our planet, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of cynics who are unwilling to trust in their hearts and listen to their bones and acknowledge the energy of love that is available to them with each passing breath. To live in quiet desperation may be the social norm, but to live with joyful anticipation of the gift in the present moment makes the experience of being human exponentially more rewarding.

How relevant is the so-called New Age in the 21st century? Just as relevant as it has been in each passing century. There have always been seekers and mystics and those who quietly carry the energy of love’s potential. The tenants of the ancients, melded with an evolved sense of how to express such ideas in this day and age, are a powerful combination. And there are many powerful beings who share this human experience with us now. He may be the street person who seemingly drifts into daydreams on the city corner, or she may be the highly educated professional who runs a multi-million dollar business. Outward appearances can be deceiving. Inner vibrations cannot be denied.

Begin to feel your experience with the one whose path intersects yours. Feel his or her true nature as you speak and interact in business or play. And let that feeling be your compass as you move through your human being-ness. In this day of skeptics, may you carry the light. New ager or not, it doesn’t matter at all. It’s not what you are but who you are that makes all the difference.

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