A New Dispensation

"You have free choice, dear Human Being, and among all the freedoms you have is the freedom to embrace the love of God in your life and walk out of here differently than you came in. And that is the truth." – Kryon, through Lee Carroll

The loving energy that fills a room during a channeling of the angel Kryon, through Del Mar, Calif., resident Lee Carroll, is unmistakable for those attuned to such vibrations. Eye contact is not averted among gatherers. Connections, non-verbal and verbal, are made. Small talk on topics of great importance – earth changes, the evolution of consciousness, soul contracts – filter through the hall as a mild-mannered man takes the stage and all noise ceases.

Lee Carroll, who has shared the messages of the Kryon energy to people worldwide for the past 15 years, immediately puts everyone at ease. Once a skeptic of metaphysical things himself, Carroll shares how he was introduced to Kryon, an angelic guide of humanity, and how he has since become not only willing to allow this information to come through him as a channel, but certain that this source of wisdom has the best interest of humanity in mind. The channelings, which relate to the expansion of spiritual consciousness and the relationship such an expansion has with modern science, have been documented in 10 books, the latest of which is titled A New Dispensation: Plain Talk for Confusing Times. A vast store of past and more recent channelings are available at www.kryon.com

Carroll, who has appeared in Minnesota on several occasions in the past, will return to the state for a lecture and channel from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 20, at Unity of the Valley Church, 4011 W. Hwy 13, in Savage. The cost is $85 and reservations are to be made with Anita Collodoro at (952) 221-6372 or e-mail kryonmn@kryon.com

Carroll spoke with Edge Life by phone from his office in California.

For those who have never heard of Kryon, what is his mission?
Lee Carroll:
Kryon is the name of an angel. I like to qualify that because a lot of people think it’s just some kind of entity from the beyond or something that landed in a space ship or something. This is a very Divine work. So when I say an angel, I can’t think of any other better way to explain it. It feels like a Divine entity. It is an entity that I channel.

The message since 1989 have been very clear, that we have changed the future of the planet. Back in 1989, Kryon said the Armageddon would not happen. We were headed for the potential for peace on earth if we would do the work. It came to be a series of lessons, and now many books, about how we change ourselves and how we find a Divinity in ourselves to become what he has called, and many have called, Lightworkers to start that process. Many of the things that have been discussed way back when are now in our face, so to speak. In a nutshell, that is my work. This information is channeled, and it is done mostly live, around the world.

And, you’re not the only person in the world who channels Kryon, is that correct?
That’s correct. Anyone can channel Kryon. This is not a proprietary thing. I don’t think Divinity is proprietary. If you want to use the word God, I don’t thinks God is proprietary. We all have that ability and that connection and that linkup. According to Kryon when he came to me in 1989, when nobody had ever heard of him or her, there were nine people scattered around the world who had a soul contract to disseminate the information in our various cultures – to spread the word.

In Book One, Kryon named the latitude and longitude of the other eight channels. Subsequently, I’ve not met any of them, but I have heard of some of them. If you look at those coordinates, they all represent different cultures: Indian, Chinese, South American, etc. There have been a lot of other channels of Kryon pop up in various places. It seems like whenever I go to a place and then leave, there are four or five people who begin channeling the energy. And that’s good. My visit to places seems to kickstart the energy, and I really honor it.

In book 10, Kryon actually refers to himself as a she, yes?
Yes. It’s a joke that I’m now seeing from Spirit. My friend, Rona Herman, channels Archangel Michael. So here is this beautiful senior lady who channels this very strong male figure, and then Kryon appears to be a very strong male figure who now says, "I’m really more feminine than masculine." So, I think this is what Spirit does to keep a balance going, so we’re not male heavy or female heavy or gender specific, I suppose.

Kryon introduces itself as Kryon of Magnetic Service, and even calls itself the Magnetic Master. Does magnetism mean to Kryon what it means to us?

What is the overall intention behind the frequent mention of magnetism.
To get us thinking that physics may be part of the whole spiritual spectrum and that there may not be differences between spirituality esoterics and science. I’ve been very heavy on this just recently. In fact, I just came from a conference where we were channeling right in the middle of a physics seminar.

Magnetism seems to be partly responsible for posturing the veil [the separation between our waking reality and other realms]. I know it sounds awfully odd if you’ve never head about it before, but even the Russian scientists are admitting that if we’re going to go to Mars all together as an Earth project, then we better take our magnetic grid with us, because it postures health. Here we are with the acknowledgement from science that even the cellular structure needs magnetism somehow, that it does something that actually lets us live. Kryon, from the very beginning, has said that magnetism is more than you think, that it contains interdimensional information. He has gone on to explain how astrology works, moving from the magnetic grid into the cellular structure at birth.

Many things are taken out of a scientific bag and are placed into the esoteric bag, and shaken up and stirred up vigorously. For a very long time, Kryon has said that magnetism is within us, that magnetics is in communication with the DNA. Yes, it’s the same magnetics that we think of. But I would like to remind everybody who’s reading this that two of the forces identified by science have not been explained – gravity and magnetics – and they are both very involved in Kryon’s work. He says there’s an intimate, interdimensional complement between the two that truly helps explain the Divine.

A lot of people don’t like us to get scientific with God, that it somehow breeches the honor system of what you think is there, that it seems to cheapen it. I happen to believe that God is science and that’s the way it was done and that Spirit is very aware of what’s going on chemically and physically in our bodies.

We also have some incredibly gifted people like Gregg Braden who are helping us understand the connection between science and the Divine.
I happen to think that Gregg is one of the primary forces who is helping us to understand this connection. First of all, he’s not a spiritualist or a channeler like I am. He’s an honest-to-goodness scientist, and he is trying to cross that bridge. By the way, he’s presented with me many times, and I’m taking him in October back to Germany, where they just love him.

I honestly don’t see any more acceptance of channeling, but I feel there are a lot of people who accept channeling now after having not accepted anything before.

What we have is a growing acceptance of channeling within people who were open to begin with, and probably pretty much the same reaction by those who are not interested in it and never will be, and that does not bother me. The thing that disappoints me are those who have blinders on and won’t look around to see that channeling has been with us since day one.

It literally is the way all scripture has been written. All scripture, including the one’s that people call "the word of God," are words written by human beings. Human beings wrote everything in the books. For the words written by human being to then be considered the word of God, something has had to have happened: an anointment, a canonization by officials, or something. And that’s the kind of thing since the writing of the Bible that we haven’t had.

But what is happening is that there is a whole bunch of information coming out. The Gnostic Gospels are everywhere and people now are starting to read the Gospel of Thomas. The Gospel of Thomas reads like Kryon. What I love to tell even Christians is that maybe Christ had more to say than what really got in the good book. That may be blasphemous to some, but it’s there for anybody to read. The Gnostic Gospels are real and true and they were written by the disciples of Christ. It’s very interesting, because Thomas talks about that Divinity is inside each of us.

You’ve channeled Kryon since 1989. How has that experience transformed your life?
It’s transformed it completely and totally. I am on a stair step of learning, just like everyone else. I started out frightened and afraid of all of this for the same kinds of reasons many people are frightened and afraid of me. It doesn’t sit well to suddenly be channeling, because it has such a bad rap, but what I found out is that by applying the things that Kryon has taught me, not only have I changed my biology, but I have greatly changed my attitude. I’ve changed my peace of mind. Some of the things that used to bother me, drive me crazy, they don’t push those buttons anymore.

I have been on this rollercoaster along with everybody else, and I’ll tell you, it works. It’s like Gregg Braden was saying: It’s about the power of prayer. It really is powerful. It really does work. And, these kinds of things have been working in my life specifically and people can see it. I’ve changed a lot. A wand didn’t come over me and suddenly I became something new and then stayed that way. I struggled with it and paid my dues going for it, and now here I am with a situation where I’m very pleased to be sitting in a very peaceful countenance with it.

Has Kryon indicated how long you would be channeling this info?
Yes, for as long as I obey the rules – and the rules are clear for Lee Carroll. They are clearly listed in the books. Those rules are mine, so they don’t belong to anybody else, because this is very personal. So that’s one of the things. The second one is, I will be channeling Kryon as long as I want, in other words, up to the point when I say, "I’m done." My own sense is that I’ll be doing this on my deathbed. This feels too good not to.

Book 10 is called a New Dispensation: Plain Talk for Confusing Times. What does Kryon say about why there is confusion and what each of us needs to understand about these times in which we are living?
The confusion is that we no longer have a set future – something that everybody conveniently is able to look at in the Bible or read about in Nostradamus. Our culture has bought into those possibilities, but here comes the situation where none of those things are now possible. If you read the scriptures, you read that the players that were supposed to be involved in these "End Times" have literally gone away. The Soviet Union isn’t there anymore. It can’t possibly play the role that Hal Lindsey said it would when he interpreted Revelation. Nostradamus’ quatrains did not speak of 9/11.

When I was in New York City in February and spoke again for the fifth time at the United Nations, Kryon reminded everyone there that many of the things we’re seeing right now were never in prophecy. So, this is the confusion. Everybody wants to know what is truly happening. All of it looks so ugly, with the wars and the famines and the tidal waves, and people say, "How does this fit in with something called peace on Earth?" This is when we get into a discussion that is more involved than I have time for here. It’s on my website.

There are a couple of channelings, one called The Winter of Spirituality. Basically, when you turn on a light in a dark place, it takes a long time for the darkness to scramble around and get comfortable. We have a tremendous change of attitude and consciousness before us, and there’s a lot of shifting going on. I would like to point out that I’m not the only channel to have said these exact same things. Fred Sterling, who also is a channeler, wrote a book in 1989 called The Great Shift. We’re all getting this information together.

It’s tough when you’re going through these kinds of shifts and changes not to be confused, because it happens slowly. It’s not easy, and sometimes it doesn’t look pretty. When you turn on the TV, all you hear is bad news. Of course, there is no good news channel. I wish there were.

Kryon has been telling us much about the changes in the human DNA. Can you give us an overview of this information and how such changes are affecting our perception of reality?
The changes are not sitting there happening by themselves. The changes are enablements. That means that we are now understanding more about something that’s been there all along. The new energy is allowing us to start to deal with it. The changes really are in what we can now observe and change.

You ask, "What changes in our reality?" What is reality to a lot of people, especially if they’re metaphysical, is that I’m born with a soul contract and that’s what I have to walk through in this lifetime. I have karmic attributes and I’m stuck with them. Now, we find out that’s not so at all. We come in with a contract, but it’s only a beginning contract. It can be changed any time we wish to. We can rewrite it. And as we start to work with our DNA, we can slow down the aging process, we can chase away disease, we can clear out some of those karmic attributes that came in with us that really push our buttons – abusive fathers and all of those kinds of really serious things that keep us awake at night. That’s all DNA.

It’s esoteric DNA stuff, because we’re talking about interdimensional strands up to 12 layers deep. Kryon started talking about that before 1999, when physicists came up with the super string theory, saying that there are at least 11 dimensions in every single atomic particle. That sounds almost like Kryon’s 12 layers of DNA, 11 of which are interdimensional. So we’re seeing some interesting scientific things that are going on that confirm the esoteric information when it comes to DNA.

To some of us, our reality has changed so greatly in that we are feeling different. I’m now 62. I feel like I was 45. I never thought I would have this much energy.

There has been something we have just started showing. It’s absolutely brand new to us, and yet it’s scientific fact right out of the 1990s. Dr. Vladimir Poponin was a Russian scientist who showed that DNA, when placed in a tube and hit with a laser beam, actually changes the attitude of light. It caused the light to spiral like it is in a crystal. Then he discovered that when the DNA was removed from the chamber, the energy field remained and the light kept spinning on its own.

In other words, we imprint energy. This is what Kryon has said over and over. It’s one of the most esoteric, eye-rolling, bizarre things to lots of people, and now suddenly science is saying, "No, this is exactly right. We’re actually seeing this." What Kryon says is that as a Lightworker, you develop a consciousness – and the metaphor is light. And everywhere you go, you make a difference. The light that you have and that Divine Consciousness that is within you literally stays at work where you were. It’s like you’re casting fairy dust everywhere you go. (Laughter.) You can call it whatever you want to. We’re just on the peripherals of scientists now agreeing that DNA has an energy field that stays wherever it went.

It’s just awesome material. So, when you start applying that to the metaphor "being a Lightworker," and then add Gregg Braden’s power of prayer to it, now you’re beginning to see the science in this, as well as the Divinity in this, that we make changes with what we think.

The featured topic of our magazine this month is Intention, and how to use it to live consciously. What has Kryon said about this?
Carroll: Intent is what he calls it instead of intention, and Kryon has said that intent is the key. It is the key emotion or energy to absolutely everything. Kryon Book 5: The Journey Home is about a man named Michael Thomas of Pure Intent. Kryon has said that of all of the energies on the planet that pure intent is the key to DNA activation, to spiritual development, to what many call moving into the fifth dimension, even ascension status. You’ve got to start somewhere. Kryon says it’s not about the steps – it’s about the starting. You create your own steps.

What has Kryon said about the changes specifically taking place in the U.S. now?
Carroll: This is covered very succinctly and clearly in a recent channeling on my website in the channeling section called Current Events.

When Kryon talks about the war in Iraq, he talks about President Bush. It’s very tough for Americans to hear this, but at the moment we’re going through something that had to be done. We don’t like it, because we did it. Perhaps, in a way, we feel we didn’t really agree to it. Perhaps it shocked us. But somehow, some way, the most powerful nation on Earth, the only one that could get away with it, had to stick a big stick in the Middle East and stir it vigorously. That’s exactly what we have done, and this will then start a situation that otherwise would never have changed for another thousand years. We’re not going to have the Israeli-Palestinian issue solved unless the Middle East changes. It just will not change, no matter what we do or how much money we pour in there, until the conditions in the Middle East change.

Now, one of the questions that was asked was, "Did we have to do it the way we did?"

Kryon said clearly, "No." But, we did, and so we have to live with that. Kryon said, however, that creating change in the Middle East as a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11 is all in the cards. We’re exactly on track doing it. Perhaps, as I say to the readership, we’re doing it with a little bigger stick than we needed to. After all, the Soviet Union, the so-called "Evil Empire," fell over all by itself, if you recall. I never thought we would get away from that one.

I read that channeling and Kryon talks about the fact that the energy in the Middle East was not changing at all, and that it needed to.
Right. It wasn’t changing at all, and that is the crux of the anger and the fear and the rage on the planet, the fight between the Palestinians and the Israelis – at least that’s the excuse. According to Kryon, when we can temper that and get that settled – and it’s being settled and will be settled, especially when one more leader gets replaced – it’s going to take the teeth out of so much of the rage. It will take, Kryon said, two full generations to accomplish this – long after 2012. We’re going to be progressing by that time.

Kryon did say, in Israel, back in the year 2000, "Nothing’s going to happen of significance until 2008." Nobody wanted to hear that, but here is just an admonishment: It’s going to go slow because there’s a lot to do. In 2008, you’re going to start to come out of this, if the potentials are what they are now.

Remember, Kryon’s not a fortune teller. He just reads the energy like a tarot reader of the Earth. Back in 2000, this was the potential, and lately he said this potential still remains. It was interesting, because I didn’t really equate it back then with our presidential election in 2008. I didn’t think of it as an American thing at all, but now, we’ve since experienced 9/11 and now it looks like maybe there will be a great shift in our country as well. People will say, "Well, yeah, that’s because it’s when we’re going to get Bush out." That may be so, but that is not the reason. It’s because it’s going to combine with some other things that are going to go on in Israel.

It’s already been discussed and I hope I can explain this clearly. When something like that happens, it always does well, because mass consciousness is focused on the same thing and concentrating on the same thought. That is very good. Whether or not, by gathering together, they will change the minds of world leadership is debatable. However, there is something else going on that’s very interesting. These kinds of gatherings have already changed the attitude of one of the largest ultra-rich groups on Earth.

They used to be called the Illuminati. These were people who controlled everything, including shipping, elections, the stockmarkets, and whatever. That’s not happening any more. Just look at our stockmarket. Things are freewheeling now. But what is important is that there is very positive evidence that there are literally billions and billions of dollars just waiting to be poured into the cures for things like AIDS in Africa by this same group. They are now realizing their next step to gain more control. If they can cure a nation, suddenly there are millions and millions of people who can now buy land, own homes and be new consumers. In other words, curing poverty makes profitable sense.

I’m not telling you this as necessarily a good or a bad thing. What I’m saying is, isn’t it interesting how their thinking has gone regarding how their next step can be. In the past, it may have been conspiracy and trickery. Now they’re at the stage where they say, "Look. There’s whole countries over here that we can benefit. We can be part of their tax collection scheme, but we need to make them healthy first." A colleague of mine, who was at the latest AIDS concerts in South Africa, said that he is aware that literally billions are ready to be poured into this when a system to combat AIDS and disease is ready to go.

They’ll be right in the mainstream. They can hide there. They can throw their money at these things and then be ready to reap the rewards.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers at this time?
Carroll:Just for you to hang on. There are still so many people who are so unhappy. My heart just goes out to those people.

Because it’s a difficult time.
Carroll: Yes, it is, but there’s so much good news. It’s got to be a "trust me" kind of a thing. There is good news and it’s out there. Things are moving slowly, but they are moving. We won’t always have the situation we have now in our country. We’re going through a lot of shifts in this nation, too. Kryon talked about the fact there’d come a time when there could be no more fence sitting, that we’d have polarization in both religion and politics, and here it is.

We’re right on target and it’s not very comfortable. Try to stand above all of this and look at it and say, "Maybe there’s purpose, maybe there’s reason, and maybe it is Divine."

For more on Lee Carroll and the Kryon channelings, visit www.kryon.com and www.indigochild.com



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