Intention, the European Constitution and Bumps in the Road


When anyone initiates an intention, they are creating a resolve regarding something significant they intend to do or achieve. Intentions can be formed by both groups and individuals. An example of a group intention formed by a group can be found in the European Union’s intention to develop a newly shared constitution. This constitution would be a major milestone in the EU’s desire to shape and direct their collective future.

However, simply by initiating an intention does not mean that the outcome will be easy or certain. Often, an intention is tested for validity, the effectiveness of its structure or its place in one’s life. As we look back at the recent “No” votes regarding ratification of the proposed European Constitution in France in May and the Netherlands in June, it is obvious that the EU has encountered a major bump in the road.

Geodetic Mapping
Could anyone have seen this coming six months ago? Astrology has a tool called Geodetic Mapping that can provide insight into these events. Geodetic Mapping is a system where the signs of the zodiac are wrapped around the earth to form a fixed grid. There are two sets of “lines,” one for the Midheaven and another for the Ascendant. The Midheaven lines run vertically between the north and south poles and begin with 0 degrees Aries at Greenwich, England. The Ascendant lines are curved to various degrees. Together, the geodetic Midheaven and Ascendant lines create a grid of zodiac signs that circle the planet. When we place transiting planets into this fixed grid of zodiac signs, we can often draw important clues as to the quality of the events in a given location by applying the archetype of the planets to the Geodetic region.

When the European Union’s ratification process became a crisis in mid-June, the planet Saturn was located in Cancer, while Mars was in Aries. The Geodetic location of Cancer and Aries placed both Mars and Saturn directly over France. Saturn represents stability, structure and social authority. Conversely, Mars represents a desire for the freedom to assert one’s personal desires and not to be controlled by others. As a result, the energies of these two planets just do not get along. It should be no surprise that when the geodetic lines of Mars and Saturn come together or cross paths at any location, the result is one of conflict and often a sense of gloom. In this case, the people of France and the Netherlands asserted the freedom to resist (Mars) the new constitution, or structure, created by authority (Saturn). Geodetics suggests the EU leadership can benefit from adjusting to the people’s desire (Mars) and concern for a stable job market (Saturn).

Avoiding bumps in the road
On a personal level, can Geodetics provide an “early warning system” with the potential to avoid bumps in the road and support our intentions? The answer is yes! While not every bump in the road is reflected in Geodetics, Geodetics often provides insights as to the timing and quality of the messages provided by the “bumps.” Geodetics can be a personal planning tool when one understands how one’s current residence relates to both their natal Geodetic planetary positions as well as transiting Geodetic planetary influences. If a Geodetic bump exists, one needs to understand the influence of the planet and sign in order to understand the quality of the bump. Once this is understood, one can take initiative and correct the course.

Sometimes, while the going is tough, we just have to maintain our determination to achieve our intention and wait for a time when the energy is more supportive. In the case of the European Constitution, as Mars and Saturn migrate across Europe, the worst of their combined energy should have moved on by September and beyond. At the very least, the pessimism that exists in Europe today should become much less intense.

Another option is to consider planetary influences prior to the initiation of a project or goal. If the planetary influences are not supportive of one’s intention, it is advisable to wait for a time when the energy is more supportive. Why is this so important? One can avoid some bumps all together and look for the most supportive and energizing planetary influences.

Finally, for major life intentions where one’s natal Geodetic planetary influences are not supportive of the intention, relocation to a more appropriate physical location should be considered to support this major life initiative.

Obviously, Geodetics does not only imply bumps in the road. There are also planets that are extremely positive and supportive. For example, which planets can best support an intention to initiate change in your life? One obvious choice is the Sun. The Sun represents the core of our intentions, our desire and capacity to take control of our lives and become the master of our own destiny. The key is to identify locations where the Sun is active or wait for a time when the Sun is transiting your physical location. Jupiter is another fabulous planet that provides the energy of forward thinking and optimism that are supportive of most any intention. Additionally, locations where Jupiter is active often bring the helpful support of others, who provide that critical idea or pat on the back that energizes you to actualize your intention.

Beyond the Sun and Jupiter, each planet will bring a unique energy. So, deciding which planets would be most helpful in supporting your intention is determined by what you want to accomplish. So, shape your intention. Then, consider the astrology of Geodetic Mapping as a tool to energize that intention, to recognize and overcome the bumps in the road and bring your intention to reality.

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Scott Wolfgram
Scott Wolfgram was a speaker at the April 2005 Evolutionary Astrology conference in Sedona, Arizona, where his lecture was titled, "Geodetic Mapping, Cultural Signatures, Past Lives and Current Events." He is a certified as a consultant of Astro*Carto*Graphy and Evolutionary Astrology. His astrological specialties are helping individuals to embrace their purpose in life and finding the best location to energize their goals. He lives in Minneapolis, teaching astrology and consulting with clients from around the country. He can be reached at (612) 327-2998 or visit or e-mail [email protected] Copyright © 2005 Scott Wolfgram. All rights reserved.


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