Shaping and Directing the World with Intention


I have contemplated the word intention frequently of late, as it is a word and concept that has come into the awareness of a growing portion of the consciousness of humanity. I have always accepted intention, for part of my existence for Mama Earth is intentional by nature. After clarifying my own interpretation of intention, I would love to share with you how I use it to shape, direct and initiate the natural world.

I begin by knowing what I have in mind to achieve. Then I initiate great clarity and integrity to be sure there is balance in what is created and that my intention is aimed at a well-considered outcome. I know that it is essential to take responsibility for all of my intentions, and if they are not well-directed I may birth something other than what I had intended – and that may have unwelcome consequences to myself and others.

Only when I am very clear do I proceed. I focus my attention on what I choose or desire to create, add a little love, delight, passion or whatever else I may be feeling at the time, and allow that emotion to fuel the fire of my creation. I caution you to be watchful and be sure you are not fueling your intention with fear! Then I observe the intention, step into it and know it is done. It manifests quite easily for me. But then I am Mama Earth and it is what I do – create!

It also is what you do. After all, we all are a part of each other. There is another little trick with intention that I will share with you. It is important to BECOME what you intend. Step into your intention and wear it like a wonderful new wardrobe. Feel your goal, experience it and really grow into what you desire. Let me give you a little example. You will notice that when I intend for spring to arrive, you get up one morning and everything suddenly bursts forth. It is because I have become spring. All of the seasons are the same energy, but when I become each season, the energy re-combines and manifests into something else pending on my attention at the time. The same is true if I want to create a river, a bird or a tree. I become it.

So if you want love in your life, become love! If you want prosperity and health, become them. If you want a unified, peaceful, aware and integral planet, I invite you to become these things. Step into them and wear them like the beautiful colors of the seasons.

And finally, remember to always see the big picture. For with each intention, every one of you are shaping and directing the course of the world. So please intend with integrity, cooperation, hope and high aspirations. It is up to you to whether the world will find wholeness or ultimate separation – and your intentions are foremost in this outcome.


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